Farhan Akhtar Explains Why Ranveer Singh Replaced Shah Rukh Khan in Don 3: ‘We Couldn’t Agree on the Same Ideas’

Abhijeet Kaul

Farhan Akhtar Explains Why Ranveer Singh Replaced Shah Rukh Khan in Don 3

Director Farhan Akhtar recently talked openly about why they chose to change the actor playing the character Don in the famous film series. They decided to replace Shah Rukh Khan with Ranveer Singh.

When Farhan Akhtar and his team officially announced that Ranveer Singh would replace Shah Rukh Khan in the Don movie series, it caused a lot of reactions, and many people didn’t like it. Fans, who were not happy about Ranveer Singh taking over the role from SRK in one of Bollywood’s most loved film series, shared their thoughts on social media. Meanwhile, director Farhan Akhtar spoke honestly about why they decided to change the actor for the role of Don and stressed that he was not trying to replace anyone.

We talked about these things for many years,” Farhan told Variety. I wanted to take the story in a certain direction, but Shah Rukh Khan and I couldn’t agree on it. So, we both decided it was best to part ways. That’s where things stand.”

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Farhan is really excited about Ranveer Singh taking on the role of the famous negative character in the upcoming Don 3 movie. He said, “I’m really excited that Ranveer is on board. He’s full of energy and ready to go. It’s a big film, and from an actor’s perspective, it’s a significant opportunity. We’re thrilled to have him with us. His energy is contagious.”

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Ranveer Singh is also very enthusiastic about playing this role and asked movie lovers worldwide to give him a chance. He shared a heartfelt message on social media shortly after the announcement, saying, “Gosh! I’ve been dreaming about doing this for a very, very long time.” Explaining how SRK and Amitabh Bachchan played a pivotal role in inspiring him to become an actor and how their influence shaped his path, Ranveer said, “As a child I fell in love with the movies, and like the rest of us, watching and worshipping Amitabh Bachchan and Shah Rukh Khan – the two G.O.A.Ts of Hindi Cinema.”

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