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“Ferry: The Series Season 1” is an eagerly anticipated drama television series set to premiere soon. The show follows the captivating story of Frank Lammers reprising his role as Ferry Bouman, a renowned heroin dealer, while Elise Schaap delivers a captivating performance as Danielle, his sweetheart. Elise Schaap’s portrayal of beloved Danielle shines as she stands alongside Frank Lammers’ character.

Netflix has officially announced the worldwide premiere date for “Ferry: The Series,” the highly anticipated crime drama. The series features Frank Lammers returning to his role as the drug dealer Ferry Bouman. This news brings excitement to fans as they anticipate the continuation of the character’s gripping story on the global streaming platform.

The character of Ferry Bouman has become a household name, initially portrayed by Frank Lammers in the television series “Undercover.” The prequel movie “Ferry” delved into his backstory, and now “Ferry: The Series” is ready to reveal the current endeavours of this drug dealer and his gang. This article serves as a comprehensive source of essential details, ranging from the release date of the series to guidelines on how to watch it, exclusively on Bigflix.

What Is the Release Date of Ferry: The Series?

Mark your calendars for an exciting release: “Ferry: The Series Season 1” is all set to premiere on November 3, 2023, exclusively on Netflix. With a total of eight episodes, this highly anticipated series promises an immersive experience.

The global debut of “Ferry: The Series” is scheduled for Friday, November 3, giving fans worldwide a date to eagerly anticipate as they delve into the gripping world of crime and drama on the popular streaming platform.

Who Is Starring in Ferry: The Series?

If you’re curious about the cast lineup, “Ferry: The Series” will bring together a talented group of actors. Frank Lammers reprises his role as the intriguing drug dealer Ferry Bouman, and alongside him, Elise Schaap shines as his beloved Danielle. The series is bound to feature an impressive range of performers who will bring the story to life with their compelling portrayals, making it an eagerly anticipated watch for fans and newcomers alike.

Check Out the Cast below:



Frank Lammers

Ferry Bouman

Max Croes

De kok

Yannick van de Velde

Lars Van Marken

Elise Schaap

Danielle Van Marken

Huub Smit


Raymond Thiry

John Zwart

Tim Haars


Poal Cairo


Steef Cuijpers

Arie Tack

Koen De Graeve

Marco Grootaers

Alice Reijs

Sabien Grootaers

Kevin Janssens

Jurgen van Kamp

Tygo Gernandt


Monic Hendrickx

Claudia Bouman

Dirk Roofthooft



What Is the Storyline of Ferry: the Series?

“Ferry: The Series” follows the journey of Ferry Bouman as he embarks on a new venture as a fledgling xtc-producer in the Brabant underworld. Alongside his brother-in-law Lars, Remco, and Dennis, he confronts the formidable drug lord Arie Tack and a notorious motorcycle club in a bid to establish his position at the top.

As the plot unfolds, Ferry’s beloved Danielle discovers the shadows of his business, shedding light on the sacrifices he must make to attain supremacy. The series delves into the complexities of his pursuit, exposing the high stakes and personal costs that come with his ambition.

Is there a Trailer for Ferry: The Series?

As of now, Netflix has yet to release a trailer for “Ferry: The Series.” Despite the absence of a trailer, the anticipation for the series remains high, leaving viewers eager to catch a glimpse of what’s in store for this captivating show. Stay tuned for any updates on the release of the trailer as excitement continues to build around “Ferry: The Series.”.

Enthusiasts of the series must exercise patience as they await the announcement of a release date by the creators. As is customary, Netflix typically releases trailers close to the series or movie’s release date, adding to the anticipation surrounding the debut of “Ferry: The Series.”

Where to Watch Ferry: The Series?

According to reports, the upcoming show is expected to be accessible for viewing exclusively on Netflix. Audiences will have the opportunity to stream the series on the popular online platform. Make sure to note down the release date in your calendar and get ready to indulge in this captivating series as it becomes available for streaming.

Netflix offers various membership options that come with no extra charges for any of its services. The package you choose determines the video quality and the number of screens you can use to stream Netflix simultaneously. Don’t forget to clear your schedule for the release date – it’s time to be swept away by this intriguing series!

The standard plan at $9.99 per month, allowing ad-free streaming on two devices simultaneously, or the premium program at $14.99 per month, enabling ad-free streaming on up to six devices at once. With such flexibility and so many choices, Netflix ensures an enjoyable streaming experience for all viewers, including the eagerly awaited “Ferry: The Series”.

Who Is Making Ferry: The Series?

The creative minds behind this series have brought their vision to life. The series is directed by Eshref Reybrouck and Joël Vanhoebrouck, who is at the helm of its direction.

The writing credits are shared among a talented team, including Piet Matthys, Nico Moolenaar, Bart Uytdenhouwen, and Tibbe van Hoof, collectively contributing to the storytelling prowess of the show. With this dedicated team of directors and writers, viewers can anticipate an engaging story and a well-crafted cinematic experience. 


In conclusion, “Ferry: The Series” promises to be a thrilling addition to the world of crime drama. With its anticipated release on November 3, 2023, exclusively on Netflix, fans can look forward to immersing themselves in the captivating world of Ferry Bouman, portrayed once again by Frank Lammers.

Joined by a talented cast, including Elise Schaap, the series is set to delve into the intricate web of the Brabant underworld as Ferry Bouman navigates the challenges of becoming a prominent xtc-producer. 

As we anticipate the premiere of the series, audiences are encouraged to mark their calendars and prepare for an engaging and suspenseful journey into the world of “Ferry: The Series.”

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