Ho-Ho-Hilarious! Deadpool’s Merry Antics in the Funko Pop! Holiday Edition

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Excitement for Deadpool 3 continues, but in the meantime, GameStop offers solace with an exclusive Deadpool Funko Pop! Mystery Box. Dive into the unknown with a random selection of two out of four quirky Deadpool Pop! vinyl figures, each standing at 4 inches tall.

Will you unbox the beach-ready Deadpool being eaten by a shark, the mini-Deadpool atop a pumpkin, the pink rabbit-suited one, or the snowball-armed winter warrior?

The thrill lies in the mystery. Plus, discover exclusive lanyards, charming buttons, and a maroon-black box, making it a delightful surprise for every Deadpool fan. Get your hands on this exciting collection – details on Bigflix!

Marvel’s New Muse? Taylor Swift and ‘Deadpool 3’

The speculation surrounding Taylor Swift’s potential involvement in Deadpool 3 remains a mystery, fueling fan theories and excitement. While initial location similarities were debunked by Ryan Reynolds, the mutual admiration between Reynolds and Swift keeps the rumor mill spinning.

Marvel Studios’ interest in a Dazzler movie, a character akin to Swift’s real-life persona, adds to the speculation. Recent sightings with key figures from Deadpool 3, including director Shawn Levy, reignited rumors. In a recent interview, Levy played coy, leaving fans eagerly anticipating any official announcements.

Amidst the uncertainty, fans can indulge in the anticipation with GameStop’s Deadpool Funko Pop! Mystery Box, available for $29.99 USD, while waiting for the truth behind Swift’s possible MCU venture to unfold. Stay tuned for updates and surprises!

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