Horimiya Season 3 Release Date: What We Know So Far!

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Favorite rom-com anime series Horimiya has gained popularity since its first season began airing in Winter 2021. The thirteenth episode of the compilation series “Horimiya -piece-” marked the conclusion of its second season. Will Horimiya release a third season? This is all that we currently know.

Horimiya Season 3 Release Date horimiya season 3 release date

Horimiya Season 3 Release date has not yet been formally revealed. The likelihood of a new Horimiya season is quite low due to the scarcity of original content. Allow me to clarify. The anime is based on the same-titled manga series, which was written and illustrated by Daisuke Hagiwara and Hiroki Adachi (HERO). On March 18, 2021, manga finished its 16-volume serialization. Nearly all of the volumes were adapted in Horimiya Season 1, with some manga content omitted.

Horimiya Piece then addressed the manga content that had been skipped. The good news is that volume 17, a bonus book named “A Piece of Memories,” has been issued by the author of Horimiya.

It includes several additional stories that were only included in volume 16. Thus, there’s a chance that all four of volume 17’s chapters will be adapted into an OVA episode. All 17 volumes of the Manga series, which were serialized in English by Yen Press, can be found on Amazon.

Horimiya Season 3 Potential Cast horimiya season 3 release date

The official cast and characters for Horimiya Season 3 have not yet been revealed, however, it is anticipated that most of the previous cast will return. The anticipated cast consists of:

• Haruka Tomatsu. Voice of Kyoko Hori in 13 episodes.

• Koki Uchiyama. Voice of Izumi Miyamura…

• Seiichiro Yamashita. Voice of Toru Ishikawa

• Kozakai Yurie. Yuki Yoshikawa (voice)

• Nobuhiko Okamoto. Kakeru Sengoku (voice)

• Mao Ichimichi. Remi Ayasaki (voice)

• Kate Kondo. Sakura Kono (voice)

• Daiki Yamashita. Shu Iura (voice)

Horimiya Season 2 Recap horimiya season 3 release date

A lot of anime is based on previously published works of literature. For example, if you’ve watched the first season of “Horimiya,” you probably already know that the 139 chapters of the original manga were covered in 13 episodes.

The main couple’s graduation and a pleasant conclusion that leaves no unanswered questions remain at the end of the season. But with only 13 episodes and 139 chapters of manga to work with, “Horimiya” clearly didn’t cover everything that was in the manga.

A brief slideshow montage that wrapped out the anime covered some of these chapters, although some storylines were completely unaddressed. The premise of “Horimiya” Season 2 is these underutilized and unused chapters; hence, “Horimiya: The Missing Pieces.” Many of the slice-of-life elements that fans adore about the show were dropped in favor of the more significant character arcs and dramatic scenes in the first season.

In “The Missing Pieces,” there are plenty of slice-of-life moments, including culinary lessons, sleepovers, and field trips. When the class visits Kyoto at the beginning of the first episode, Miyamura is concerned that his tattoos may cause controversy. It all seems highly incoherent to new viewers because the second season moves around a lot, but viewers of the first season will have no trouble identifying the events based on details like relationship statuses and hairstyles.

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Horimiya Season 3  Plot horimiya season 3 release date

There is currently no confirmed plot or news for Horimiya Season 3. If the manga is revived, it will pick up where the second season left off. Always return to Bigflix.com to see the latest information as it becomes available.

Where To Watch Horimiya horimiya season 3 release date

Since its debut season, Horimiya has been available for streaming on a number of websites. These consist of Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, Crunchyroll, and Bilibili. For more trending movies, animation, and shows stay tuned to Bigflix.com.

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Horimiya Season 3 Trailer

There isn’t a trailer for season three yet because neither the production nor season three have been renewed. Below is the previous trailer for season 2:

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