Kingdom Hearts Missing Link Potential Release Date: What We Know So Far!

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Kingdom Hearts: Missing Link, a forthcoming game for iOS and Android that delves into new areas of the story, marks the return of the Kingdom Hearts franchise. With crossover elements from Disney movies and Square Enix’s Final Fantasy series, Kingdom Hearts games stand apart from other Action RPGs. However, their growing abundance of unique stories and characters has allowed them to develop into a sophisticated work of their own.

Though it is the first action RPG since 2019’s Kingdom Hearts 3, Missing Link is by no means the first Kingdom Hearts game to function as a spinoff to the numbered titles. It’s obvious that Kingdom Hearts: Missing Link is meant to be more than a one-time project given to a mobile game developer.

Tetsuya Nomura, the originator of the franchise, is working with Square Enix on the game, as is customary with this series. This isn’t the first Kingdom Hearts mobile game; there have been a few releases that were a little bit more complex before.

Kingdom Hearts: Missing Link Release Date kingdom hearts missing link release date

Although an exact release date for Kingdom Hearts: Missing Link is still unknown, the latest trailer indicates that it will launch sometime in 2024. It’s reasonable to assume that the game won’t launch on January 1st, given the January Android beta test, but after that, everything seems possible.

While it’s not totally implausible, Missing Link might ultimately be ported to a system like the Nintendo Switch, this window is applicable to both iOS and Android. The beta test for Missing Link was initially scheduled for 2022, but there have been delays; perhaps, the wait won’t be too long.

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How To Play Kingdom Hearts: Missing Link kingdom hearts missing link release date

A beta version of Kingdom Hearts: Missing Link will launch at some point, but as of right now, it looks to be limited to gamers residing in the UK, Australia, or New Zealand. To access the experience, those who qualify must submit an application. Ten days prior to the start of the iOS testing period on November 29, the beta test application will remain available until November 19.

After this time, which ends on December 8, there will be an Android beta test in January 2024. Applications ask standard questions about age, location, and other details, with the majority of the questions centered around general gaming behavior. Sadly, player data from the closed beta will not be transferable between devices during the beta period, nor will it be useable in the game’s release version for anyone hoping to get a head start.

There will be more social features, like location-based cooperative play for group boss fights and other activities. It is also permissible to livestream the game or publish images and videos, though precise rules about what constitutes appropriate behavior will be provided at a later time.

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Kingdom Hearts: Missing Link Gameplay kingdom hearts missing link release date

Kingdom Hearts: Missing Link uses GPS positioning, just like Pokémon GO and other mobile games, to link an overworld traversal system to actual locales. The specifics of this system’s operation are still unknown.

A card that reads, “Travel the world without stepping outside,” and the overworld’s overall action gameplay suggest that things are more complicated than just getting from place to place in real life in Square Enix’s latest teaser, which can be found on YouTube. There are plenty of well-known Disney characters that appear on indications at different points, and the area seems to be filled with bosses and monsters to battle as well as prizes to find.

kingdom hearts missing link release date

At least in part, Missing Link’s combat is based on the popular Kingdom Hearts formula of action-packed 3D gameplay. In the trailers, characters are shown using simple touchscreen buttons to hop and slash keyblades to inflict harm on foes.

Collectible trophies featuring characters in various settings unleash strong special attacks; this feature is probably connected to the game’s anticipated gacha components. In battle, a party of four can be assembled from standard Kingdom Hearts heroes and a variety of Disney characters.

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