The Korean Zombie Series Kingdom Season 3: Renewed or Canceled by Netflix?

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Kingdom Season 3: Has Netflix Canceled or Renewed the Korean Zombie Series?

Outside of South Korea, Netflix is now the best place to watch Korean TV, and Kingdom is the best show on there. The zombie show/period drama beats The Walking Dead when it comes to fast-paced action and real scares. In fact, there was a real chance that the series would never air.

“Before Train to Busan, most people, even in the movie business, thought zombie movies were a niche genre that only a small group of people liked,” Kingdom writer Kim Eun-hee told The Hollywood Reporter. “This was especially true for laughs. Most Korean shows you see on TV are on “public broadcasting stations.”

Most families watch these channels, so shows are generally rated lower and judged by stricter rules to appeal to a larger audience.

“It should go without saying that there were no violent scenes that hurt the dead. Because of this, it was almost impossible to turn a zombie show where the only way to stop zombies is to cut off their heads into a drama series.

Has Netflix Canceled or Renewed the Korean Zombie Series: Kingdom Season 3?

Kingdom’s second season has been on Netflix for more than three years. In 2021, Netflix gave us a special show that was the length of a movie, and we were told that another one was on the way. But in the last two years, Netflix hasn’t told us anything. So, has Netflix quietly taken Kingdom off the air? Here’s why it’s likely to be true.

Kingdom is a South Korean show on Netflix that is scary. Kim Eun-hee wrote the script for the show. The show is based on the book Land of the Gods, which was written by Kim Eun-hee. Since it first came out on Netflix in 2019, the horror show has become one of the most-watched non-English shows.

Kingdom Season 3: Has Netflix Canceled or Renewed the Korean Zombie Series?

The special feature-length episode of Kingdom: Ashin of the North came out more than two years ago. The second season came out more than three years ago. Since the main series came out so long ago, we don’t know how many people watched it. We can’t compare it to Korean shows like Squid Game or All of Us Are Dead which are about zombies.

But we know for sure that Kingdom: Ashin of the North was in the world’s top ten for 37,140,000 hours, from July 23 to August 15, 2021. Ashin of the North is not as good as many of the other Korean shows on Netflix. Every month that passes, it seems less possible that the show will ever come back for a third season.

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