Why Did Michael Keaton Didn’t Want Michelle Pfeiffer in ‘Batman Returns’?

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Michael Keaton Didn’t Want Michelle Pfeiffer Anywhere Near ‘Batman Returns’

No one has ever been a character on their own. Over time, different men and women have taken on the same roles. Batman and Catwoman, who is one of the most popular characters in the DCEU, were both played by different actors at different times.

Batman movies have been around for almost 40 years, so they are not new. Michael Keaton played the main character in the 1989 movie “The Caped Crusader,” and Michelle Pfeiffer played “Catwoman.” The name of the second film was “Batman Returns.”

The first movie came out two years before this one. Aside from that, it brought back Penguin/Oswald Cobblepot, who is the best bad guy in the DCEU. These were the movies in a series that led DC into a bad time.

Michelle Pfeiffer played Catwoman in the 1992 movie, which a lot of people liked. But there was nothing about the movie Batman Returns that the actress liked. She didn’t like her superhero outfit because it was too tight. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Pfeiffer talked about her part as Batman’s girlfriend and how hard it is to wear all the different clothes.

Michael Keaton Didn’t Want Michelle Pfeiffer Anywhere Near ‘Batman Returns’

After the first Batman movie did so well in the summer of 1989, Warner Bros. knew they wouldn’t be done with Batman for a long time. Tim Burton agreed to make a sequel to his superhero hit, and it was decided that old comic book characters from Batman’s past would be added.

It was too good of an idea for Batman to fall in love with another thief, so the search for the new Selina Kyle started right away. From now on, this would be the most important thing for the business.

Since the company needed someone who could fight bad guys as well as Batman and had a personality as strong as Bruce Wayne’s, they had to find a very skilled woman to play the role. Superman no longer had a normal love interest that he could leave behind while he saved the day.

Catwoman could be one of Batman’s most dangerous enemies because she has broken his heart and put Gotham City’s safety at risk so many times after gaining his trust.

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