“My Dearest Part 2 Release Date: Unveiling the Next Chapter!”


my dearest part 2 release date

One of the most eagerly anticipated upcoming Korean dramas is My Dearest season 2, which is a follow-up to the well-liked historical-friction drama My Dearest. The 10 episodes of this MBC network original drama will air every Friday and Saturday.

The writers and directors of My Dearest Part 2 are Hwang Jin Young and Kim Sung Yong, whose exceptional work on Part 1 was praised all over the world.

You can find all the information you require about the K-drama My Dearest Part 2 on this website, including its official release date, most recent updates & news, and complete cast list.

Since the first episode of the series has concluded, there is still some uncertainty about Jang Hyuk’s relationship with the enigmatic masked warrior, played by Lee Chung Ah.

My Dearest Part 2 Release Date Unleashed

The first half of “My Dearest” concluded successfully after a month of broadcasting and 10 episodes, and a second part is forthcoming.

After a cliffhanger, “My Dearest” part 2 is expected to premiere in October, but MBC has not yet released the precise date and information.

The cast of My Dearest Part 2

Let’s look at the full cast list for the drama My Dearest Part 2 to see how closely the actors were kept from Season 1

my dearest part 2 release date

My Dearest Part 1 Last Episode Recap

The tragic love tale between Lee Jang Hyun (Namkoong Min) and Yoo Gil Chae (An Eun Jin) was the focus of the 10th episode of “My Dearest,” which captivated viewers. The two validated their emotions for one another during a brutal war and a few fatalities. But cruel fate once more split them apart, leaving everyone in sorrow.
Since Lee Jang Hyun went for Shenyang during the Qing Dynasty, time has passed. Finally able to set foot in Joseon, Lee Jang Hyun returned to Hanyang with a suitcase full of flower-adorned shoes for Yoo Gil Chae.

Yoo Gil Chae, who believed Lee Jang Hyun had passed away, was preparing to wed Koo Won Moo (Ji Seung Hyun). She believed Koo Hae Moo had saved her life in the past, but Jang Hyun actually did; he was sorry for Yoo Gil Chae and was unable to convey the truth.

Yoo Gil Chae’s attempt to wed someone other than Nam Yeon Jun (Lee Hak Ju) infuriated Lee Jang Hyun to the point of sadness and anger. With relief and amazement that Lee Jang Hyun was still alive, Yoo Gil Chae fled. Yoo Gil Chae, however, received some nasty remarks from Lee Jang Hyun.Yoo Gil Chae also became icy as a result of her anguish and heartbreak over the multiple times Lee Jang Hyun had abandoned her.

my dearest part 2 release date

My Dearest Part 2 Expected Plot

Set between January 3, 1637, and February 24, 1637, during the Joseon era, when the Qing invasion caused great misery for the populace. That is when a love tale begins to blossom.

Unknown Lee Jang-Hyun (Namkoong Min) arrives out of nowhere in social circles. Although he gives off the impression of being happy, he is not. He is a complex individual with a sinister secret that he is unable to share with anyone. His life is changed when Yoo Gil-Chae (Ahn Eun-Jin) arrives in front of him. Yoo Gil-Chae is from a noble family. She is a stunning woman who exudes confidence. During the Qing invasion’s tumult and while falling in love with Lee Jang-Hyun, She develops as a person.

where to watch My Dearest Part 2?

The K-Drama’s debut episode aired on MBC TV; you can now stream it with English subtitles on Wavve and Viki. The second half will also be made accessible on MBC, Wavve, and Viki, similar to the first portion.

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