My Girlfriend Is An Alien Season 3 Release Date Find Out All The Details Here


My Girlfriend is An Alien is a famous 2019 Chinese series that features Chinese actress Wan Peng alongside Thassapak Hsu. Fans of the series have been searching around the internet as they are curious to find out the release date of the third season of the franchise.

This article has all you will need to know about My Girlfriend Is An Alien plot, cast, release date and so much more. Follow for more trending series, movie updates, and lots more.

My Girlfriend Is An Alien Plot

my girlfriend is alien season 3 release date

Chai Xiaoqi, an extraterrestrial from the “Cape Town Planet,” encounters Fang Leng, a CEO who has “heterosexual amnesia on a rainy day as she unintentionally loses her beacon, and becomes stranded on Earth.

Chai Xiaoqi, an extraordinary girl who is both alien and from another planet, will experience a “boy-crazy state” once she inhales the hormones released by men on Earth. She has a variety of amusing and entertaining meetings, which flawlessly recreate for the spectator the psychology of the nymphomaniac girl’s flirting with males.

Chai Xiaoqi will also make use of her many skills to address unforeseen problems one at a time in order to survive on earth. Any other kind of boss is Fang Leng. He will forget the gals that showed up on his side once it starts to rain. He engages in a number of humorous “battles of wits” with Chai Xiaoqi as a result of it.

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My Girlfriend Is An Alien Season 3 Release Date

my girlfriend is alien season 3 release date

There is currently no release date for My Girlfriend Season 3. A well-liked Chinese television series My Girlfriend called An Alien fans are eagerly awaiting the news regarding My Girlfriend Is An Alien’s release dates after the resounding success of previous seasons.

The third season’s release date hasn’t been announced by the show’s creators or cast members, though. However, a lot of fans anticipate that My Girlfriend Is An Alien will have greater chemistry and romance between the primary characters when it debuts in 2023.

Despite the first season’s significant success, viewers had to wait nearly three years for the second season of My Girlfriend Is An Alien, which debuted on September 16, 2022, on Tencent Video and WeTV.

My Girlfriend Is An Alien Cast

my girlfriend is alien season 3 release date

The list below are the names of prominent actors and actresses on My Girlfriend Is An Alien.

Wan Peng as Chai Xiaoqi

• Wang You Jun as Fang Lie

• Thassapak Hsu as Fang Leng

• Christopher Lee as Fang Shi

• Hao Zhen as Han Jinming

• Yang Yue as Jiang Xue

• Alina Zhang as Sister Chai

• Ashin Shu as Doctor Zhang

• Kris Bole as Mr. Filner

• Gong Zheng Nan as Ai Lun/Alan

• Hu Cai Hong as Aunt Zhou

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Where To Watch My Girlfriend Is An Alien Season 3

my girlfriend is alien season 3 release date

My Girlfriend Is An Alien is currently available on streaming platforms such as Netflix, Viki, Hulu, and YouTube. Previous episodes of the series are also available both for streaming and downloading.

There are currently two previous seasons of the series that are available online. Fans can also rent or stream My Girlfriend Is An Alien on Amazon Prime

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