Ncuti Gatwa’s Role in Doctor Who Marks a Progressive Step Forward: Discover How!

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Why Ncuti Gatwa’s Doctor Is a Step Forward for ‘Doctor Who’

Up until recently, Ncuti Gatwa was best known for playing Eric Effiong, a funny student on Netflix’s hit comedy show Sex Education. But now that Gatwa is taking over for Jodie Whittaker as The Doctor on BBC’s Doctor Who, the actor is sure to become well-known in the coming weeks.

Fans are excited about Gatwa’s surprise casting, and many Whovians can’t wait to see what he brings to the role. Fans can’t wait to see how exciting he will be as the lead Time Lord because he is different and has funny habits. People have liked Doctor Who for a long time because its stories are unique and based on the real world. Its best shows are about both big events in history and everyday life. Every season of Doctor Who has a new “Doctor” who takes fans on new adventures through time and space.

The series is so famous (and doesn’t seem to end) because it can go in many different directions depending on who is in charge. Ncuti Gatwa was the first Black Time Lord to drive the TARDIS when he became the 15th Doctor. This is very important.

Why Ncuti Gatwa’s Doctor Is a Step Forward for ‘Doctor Who’

Neil Patrick Harris said that he or she will be the first Doctor who is open about being gay and happy about it. The long-running British show wants to be different and move forward, and this choice helps it do both. Doctor Who has needed a change like this for a long time, even though it has made characters that people still remember and love.

Most of the stories in the last few seasons of Doctor Who have been about a straight couple. Because of the emotional stress between the Doctor and his female partner, Doctor Who hasn’t been able to explore other sexualities or love relationships.

Even though there have been gay figures on Doctor Who before, this feels like it happened a little too late. Bill Potts, who was played by Pearl Mackie, was the first partner to come out as gay. He first showed up in 2017. Doctor Who has had a lot of gay themes and subtexts, but it has been afraid to go out of its comfort zone.

Like when it showed Jack Harkness (John Barrowman) to be gay. There have been gay figures in the background of Doctor Who before, but finally having a gay main character is a long-overdue and much-needed step forward that should be celebrated.

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