One Piece: Will There be a Gear 6 for it, Details Inside!

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One Piece: Will there be a Gear 6?

In One Piece Episode 1071, the long-awaited Gear 5 finally shows up. In March 2022, the first copy of the comic came out. But it took some time to get used to how the drawings had changed. Since the Wano Country Saga, Luffy has only used this skill once. It’s easy to see why: he hasn’t faced anyone strong yet.

But the Final Saga has just begun, and the young pirate will face enemies who are stronger than ever. There will always be strong opponents, like the rest of the Yonko, the World Government, or even Imu. So, does One Piece have any chance of getting a Gear 6?

Will there be a Gear 6?

Luffy has almost an infinite number of ways to get better. He is very creative and flexible, so he can solve any problem. He comes up with new ways to use his abilities, which he calls “Gears.” Luffy has come a long way since Enies Lobby, where he could only use Gear 2. In Wano, he can now use Gear 5.

But there’s still more to the story. The Straw Hats haven’t even started their trip yet in the Final Saga. A few more years will pass before the last show. Because of this, Luffy will almost certainly get stronger. Fans know that there will soon be a war that will change everything.

One Piece: Will there be a Gear 6?

How close is One Piece’s Luffy to Gear 6?

The power scale in One Piece has changed over time, but the newest addition to the list takes things up a notch. When Luffy switched to Gear 5 in Episode 1,071, it showed that the pirate’s skills had hit a whole new level. Zunesha saw that Luffy had become Nika, the Sun God from a story.

The road to becoming the Pirate King is long, so everyone’s favorite swashbuckling sailor needs all the help he can get. Eiichiro Oda likes to add big, unexpected turns to his stories, which could mean that Gear 6 is coming soon.

Charge up Gears have always been a big part of the One Piece stories, and they have helped Luffy fight even the toughest enemies. Fans think Gear 6 is likely to happen, and since the series is coming to an end, it could be an important part of the final fight.


Whether they are pirates, Marines, or even members of the Revolutionary Army, everyone will be affected by this war. Luffy is the main character, so everything will revolve around him. So, he will need more power than ever to save his friends and maybe even the whole world. Luffy is now very powerful.

But Kaido isn’t the last bad guy, and his Gear 5 can only beat him. At the very least, Gear 5 will get new “sub-forms,” just like Gear 4 did. Watch more of interesting manga news on


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