Makeup Artist Expresses Regret for His Comment about Bradley Cooper’s Nose- Details Inside!

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Maestro makeup designer addresses backlash to Bradley Cooper's prosthetic nose: 'I wasn't expecting it'

The makeup artist for “Maestro” talks about how people have said bad things about Bradley Cooper’s fake nose. In a very serious message, he said he was sorry. Oscar-winning makeup artist Kazu Hiro apologized on Saturday for the fake nose he made for the future Leonard Bernstein movie “Maestro.”

Several people online said that the nose was a great example of “Jewface,” which is an insult to people who look like Jews. Hiro, who is 54 years old, told the press at the Venice Film Festival, “I didn’t expect it to happen.” “I’m sorry if I hurt anyone’s feelings.

I tried my best to make Lenny seem like a real person. He looks good in pictures and is a good person, so we wanted to respect and love that look,” said the two-time Oscar winner. “We did a few different things. That was all we wanted to do.” When The Post called Hiro on Sunday, he again said he was sorry if he had upset anyone.

Kazu Hiro Officially Apologized for the Backlash

When the Maestro trailer came out last month, people on social media worried that Cooper’s prosthetic nose was a “horribly anti-Semitic” choice for the movie’s portrayal of the Jewish singing star.

Bernstein’s children, Jamie, Alexander, and Nina Bernstein supported the choice by saying in a statement that they had worked with Cooper every step of the way and that they approved of how their father is portrayed in the movie.

Maestro makeup designer addresses backlash to Bradley Cooper's prosthetic nose: 'I wasn't expecting it'

In their statement, they said, “We were deeply moved by the depth of his commitment, the loving way he embraced our father’s music and the pure open-hearted joy he brought to his exploration.”

“It hurts us to hear that people are misinterpreting or misrepresenting his work. Leonard Bernstein did, in fact, have a nice, big nose. We don’t mind that Bradley used makeup to make the similarity even stronger. We’re also sure that our dad wouldn’t have had a problem with it.”

Kazu Hiro told the news corps at the 2023 Venice Film Festival on Saturday, “I didn’t expect that to happen.” “I’m sorry if I’ve made some people sad.” Kazu Hiro, who won Academy Awards for Best Makeup and Hairstyling for 2017’s “Darkest Hour” and 2019’s “Bombshell,” changed Bradley Cooper’s face to make him look like Leonard Bernstein, a famous composer, director, and pianist.

He told her, “I tried to make Lenny seem as real as I could.” “He is a nice person, and he looks good in pictures. We wanted to honor that style and love it. We tried a lot of different things. That was all we wanted to do.”

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