Exploring Parineeti Chopra’s Exquisite Kaliras: A Story of Love and Details!

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Delving into the intricate details, Parineeti Chopra’s kaliras are a whimsical masterpiece. Adorned with elements like cupcakes, gramophones, and a subtle hint of London, these kaliras add a unique and charming touch to her wedding ensemble. For a deeper look into this enchanting creation, stay tuned right here at Bigflix.

Parineeti Chopra’s Grand Wedding at the Leela Palace

In a grand ceremony at the Leela Palace, Bollywood actress Parineeti Chopra and Raghav Chadha exchanged their wedding vows surrounded by loved ones. The couple, resplendent in matching cream wedding attire, shared dreamy photos from their special day.

Additionally, Parineeti’s exquisite kaliras, designed by Instagram user Mrinalini Chandra, have been revealed, adding to the charm of their celebration.

Parineeti’s Kaliras: Cupcakes, Gramophones, and a Touch of London

Mrinalini provided an intimate look at the kaliras she crafted for Parineeti. In her description, she noted, “At first glance, the Kalira appears to be dainty ornaments cascading from the bangle.

However, its true beauty lies in the underlying story it conveys—a tale of love. The design of these Kaliras is very special. Each motif represents a moment of serendipity, a chance encounter when their paths crossed in a cosmic dance.”

Upon closer examination of the kalira design, one can spot intricate elements such as cupcakes, religious symbols, gramophones, coffee, and a nod to London, each holding a significant meaning.

Parineeti’s Personal Touch: Her Inputs for the Kalira Design

Instagram user Mrinalini Chandra, who designed Parineeti Chopra’s exquisite kaliras, revealed that the actress herself provided inputs for the intricate detailing.

Chandra described their love story as a modern-day fairytale, where two distinct worlds came together beautifully. Parineeti carefully chose each element of the kalira to symbolize her journey with Raghav in a deeply meaningful and love-filled manner.

Parineeti’s Upcoming Projects and Workfront

On the professional front, Parineeti Chopra is gearing up for her upcoming theatrical release, “Mission Raniganj,” where she will reunite with her “Kesari” co-star, Akshay Kumar. The film is set for a box office clash with Bhumi Pednekar’s “Thank You For Coming” on October 6, 2023.

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