Plunderer Season 2 Release Date: Is It Returning Back?

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Plunderer Season 2 Release Date

Plunderer Season 2 Release Date: Plunderer is a thrilling anime show based on a Japanese manga series. The show is available for viewers to enjoy on Funimation and was first broadcast on several networks in Japan, including Tokyo MX, KBS, TVA, SUN BS11, and AT-X. The entire anime series consists of 24 episodes and was originally aired from January 8, 2020, to June 24, 2020.

Fans all around the world were able to watch Plunderer as it was also made available on Hulu TV and Crunchyroll in various countries. This show has garnered a devoted following, and many fans eagerly await news about a potential second season. They are curious to know if there will be a new season and when it might be released.

For those seeking details about the release of Plunderer Season 2, this article will provide you with the necessary information. So, if you’re eager to learn more about the release date and what’s in store for Plunderer Season 2, read on to discover all the details.

Will There Be a Second Season of Plunderer?

Plunderer Season 2 Release Date

The first season of the anime series finished on June 25, 2020. People were hoping for a second season, but then the pandemic stopped all entertainment projects worldwide. Unfortunately, there is still no news about when Plunderer Season 2 will come out, even after the pandemic.

The show is based on Suu Minazuki’s manga, which will end with the 21st volume. Some fans think the manga might continue to make more episodes for the TV show. But these are just rumors, and until there’s official confirmation about Plunderer Season 2, we can’t be sure of anything.

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When Will Plunderer Season 2 Come Out?

The first season of the Japanese anime series called Plunderer was shown on TV from January 2020 to June 2020. It was quite exciting, with 24 episodes filled with thrilling action and a captivating storyline. As of now, there’s been no official news or announcement about a second season of “Plunderer,” and we don’t know when it might be released.

The expected release date for Plunderer Season 2 was originally set for 2021, but that time has passed, and there’s been no indication that a second season is in the works. The delay may be due to the global pandemic that has affected many aspects of the entertainment industry. Some fans hope that we might hear about the second season of the Plunderer anime in late 2023, but this is purely speculation at this point. We’ll have to wait for an official announcement to know for sure.

Who Might Be in Plunderer Season 2? Predicted Actors and Actresses

Plunderer Season 2 Release Date

Here are the voice actors for the characters in the anime series:

  1. Licht Bach/Rihito Sakai:
    • Japanese Voice: Yoshiki Nakajima
    • English Voice: Eric Vale
  2. Hina Farrow:
    • Japanese Voice: Rina Honnizumi
    • English Voice: Sarah Wiedenheft
  3. Lynn May:
    • Japanese Voice: Ari Ozawa
    • English Voice: Elizabeth Maxwell
  4. Pele Poporo/Gespenst Zerlegen:
    • Japanese Voice: Aoi Ichikawa
    • English Voice: Austin Tindle
  5. Jail Murdoch:
    • Japanese Voice: Yūichirō Umehara
    • English Voice: David Matranga
  6. Nana Bassler:
    • Japanese Voice: Shizuka Itō
    • English Voice: Caitlin Glass
  7. Mizuka Sonohara:
    • Japanese Voice: Aoi Yūki
    • English Voice: Alexis Tipton
  8. Alexandrov Grigorovich/Alan:
    • Japanese Voice: Hiroki Tōchi
    • English Voice: David Wald
  9. Schmerman Bach:
    • Japanese Voice: Toshihiko Seki
    • English Voice: Jason Liebrecht
  10. Frienda:
    • Japanese Voice: Kotono Mitsuishi
    • English Voice: Jad Saxton
  11. Taketora Doan:
    • Japanese Voice: Satoshi Hino
    • English Voice: Tyson Rinehart
  12. Tokikaze Sakai:
    • Japanese Voice: Kaito Ishikawa
    • English Voice: Ricco Fajardo
  13. Saki Ichinose:
    • Japanese Voice: Miyu Kubota
    • English Voice: Jill Harris
  14. Genji Akui:
    • Japanese Voice: Yohei Azakami
    • English Voice: Ian Sinclair
  15. Kyouhei Suda:
    • Japanese Voice: Tomohito Takatsuka
    • English Voice: Josh Grelle
  16. Asumi Sumiya:
    • Japanese Voice: Yukimi Hayase
    • English Voice: Amanda Lee
  17. Kyouka Narumiya:
    • Japanese Voice: Tamaki Orie
    • English Voice: Leah Clark

These voice actors provide the voices for the different characters in the anime, both in the original Japanese version and the English-dubbed version. Each actor brings their unique talent to the show, giving life to the diverse cast of characters.

What Will Season 2 of The Show Be About?

Plunderer Season 2 Release Date

Plunderer is an anime series based on Suu Minazuki’s manga of the same name. The first season of the anime aired from January 2020 to June 2020 and a second season has been confirmed. However, we don’t know which part of the story it will follow.

It’s tricky to predict which part of the manga the second season will adapt because the manga has many different story arcs. Nevertheless, the second season will likely continue the story from where the first season left off, which is after the Abyss arc.

In the Abyss arc, the main character, Hina, and her friends venture into a mysterious underground world beneath the city of Alcia. During their journey, they discover the harsh reality of their world and encounter dangerous enemies who want to exploit Hina’s special powers.

After the Abyss arc, there’s a Royal Capital arc where Hina and her companions travel to the Royal Capital in search of answers. This could be the storyline for the second season, but we can’t be sure until official announcements are made. Right now, any guesses about the content of the second season are just speculation.

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Where to Find Plunderer Season 2 for Watching?


The first season of this anime is available for you to watch on Funimation, Crunchyroll, and Hulu. However, you’ll need to be patient and wait for the release of the second season.

Is There Any Trailer for Plunderer Season 2?

The trailer for Plunderer Season 2 hasn’t been released yet. You can watch the whole Plunderer season 1 in either English or Japanese.


As of now, there’s no official confirmation regarding the release of “Plunderer” Season 2. Fans eagerly await news of the second season, which may continue the story from where the first season left off. The delay could be attributed to the global pandemic, and a release date remains uncertain.

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