Pokémon Concièrge Release Date: Where To Watch Pokémon Concièrge ? 

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Pokemon Concierge Season 1 release date

The news on Pokémon Concièrge’s first season: Since we can remember, many of us have been interested in Pokemon, and in 2023, a new Netflix cartoon series will start. The main figure in Pokemon Concierge will be different, and the setting will be calm. In other words, Netflix is working harder on shows and taking us back to our childhood. Pokemon is a popular cartoon that everyone knows, and many kids have wanted their own Pokemon. At least, I had! 

This show will come out on the same day as the DLC for Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, the Pokémon Sleep app, and the Pokémon Trading Card Game Classic set. This show is different from everything else Pokémon has done, but now that the classic anime has ended after almost 26 years, the brand seems ready to go in new ways and try new things. 

Do you want to learn more about the show you watched as a child and how it can bring you back to life? If so, you’re where you need to be. Don’t waste your time reading this. 

Pokémon Concièrge Release Date 

Make a note of when the Pokemon Concierge app will be available. This much-anticipated stop-motion series will begin in December 2023. Fans will get to see a world that is fun and full of life. As the holidays get near, people are getting more and more excited to start this long-awaited journey. 

Pokemon Concierge Season 1 release date

Keep an eye out for new information as it comes out about this cool stop-motion trip on Netflix. We won’t have to wait too long to dive into the wonderful world of Pokemon Concierge. Stay excited and get ready to go on a trip with Haru and her Pokemon friends that you’ll never forget. 

Pokémon Concièrge Cast 

This stop-motion show hasn’t picked anyone to be in it yet. The casting crew is looking for people who speak English or Japanese right now. But some of the best voice actors in the world did the main characters’ voices in the original anime, so fans may know some sounds. So, you can be sure that once the group is named, everyone will know about it. 

The Pokémon Company is working with Netflix and Dwarf Studios, which made the game Domo and is run by Tsuneo Gda. This famous animation company also made the Netflix shows Rilakkuma, Kaoru, and The Curious Kitty with Friends. People who like animation will like Pokémon Concierge, which is based on these pieces and the stop-motion style of the show. 

Pokémon Concièrge Plot 

Haru, a young woman who works at the Pokémon Resort, will be the main character of the story. People who come to stay there with their Pokémon will talk to her. It’s mostly a kid-friendly version of The White Lotus, but it’s not clear if it takes place in the same world as the famous show about Ash and his friend Pikachu

Pokémon Concierge sounds like a different story than the one where Ash and his friends roam the world. On the other hand, the Pokémon cartoon was very popular because it showed the main characters doing things slowly and having little slice-of-life stories. This new side story is likely to be just as famous as the main story. 

Pokemon Concierge Season 1 release date

We don’t know much about the other people in the story besides the main character, Haru, and her partner, Psyduck. Psyduck is a well-known Pokémon, so it seems like it could be the show’s mascot, like Pikachu is for Ash’s cartoon series. 

In this show, Pokémon Concierge will take a fresh look at the well-known pocket monsters as they chill out in the tropics. We’re also getting our first look at the Pokémon Universe in stop-motion. This makes the new series more like an Aardman movie than a typical Japanese cartoon like the main series. The short Pokémon Concièrge picture preview could only show this. Fans, on the other hand, can’t wait until the show is on Netflix

Pokemon Concierge Gameplay 

You can expect a unique and interesting way to play with Pokemon Concierge. This amazing stop-motion cartoon show will take viewers to a beautiful Pokemon lodge and a magical world where people and Pokemon live together in a tropical paradise. Join Haru, the Pokemon receptionist at the lodge, as she goes on exciting adventures and meets all kinds of Pokemon along the way. 

Get ready to see how stop-motion animation brings to life the Pokemon world’s heartwarming moments, exciting encounters, and amazing magic. Every frame of this visually beautiful show is made with care and attention to detail, letting viewers dive into a world where fantasy and reality blend together easily. In Pokemon Concierge, you’ll go on a trip full of wonder, discovery, and the happy link between people and Pokemon. 

Where To Watch Pokémon Concièrge ? 

Once it comes out, you can watch Pokemon Concierge on any Netflix-compatible device if you have a Netflix account. Even though Netflix’s subscription tiers and prices have grown and changed recently, like when they added a cheaper option with ads, they still have to cut off content based on which plan a person usually picks. The trailer might give you an in sight of the show.


Dwarf studios makes the Pokémon Concierge show. It’s a funny stop-motion movie. It was made by Netflix and The Pokémon Company together. Everyone in the world will be able to watch it on Netflix in December 2023. It was shown during a Pokémon Presents on Pokémon Day, February 27, 2023.

It shows how Haru, who works at the front desk of the Pokémon Resort, interacts with the Trainers and Pokémon who stay there. Furthermore, to have a head on to the content like this, please visit https://www.bigflix.com/. If you have any suggestions, please comment in the comment box below. 

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