Scam 1992 Season 2, Scam 2003: When Can You Expect the Release Date?

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Scam 2003: The Telgi Story

A release date has been set for the second season of Scam 1992, Scam 2003: The Telgi Story one of India’s most well-known drama series of the streaming era.

On September 2 in India, SonyLIV will release Scam 2003: The Telgi Story, nearly three years after Scam 1992: The Harshad Mehta Story debuted in 2020. The franchise investigates real-life accounts of significant frauds in Indian contemporary history; in this case, Abdul Karim Telgi’s 20-year-old Stamp Paper fraud.

Scam 1992 is one of the most popular and critically acclaimed web series in India. The series tells the story of Harshad Mehta, a stockbroker who defrauded the Indian stock market in the 1990s. The series was a huge success, and it spawned a sequel, Scam 2003, which is set to premiere on September 2, 2023.

What is the Story of Scam 2003?

Scam 2003 tells the story of Abdul Karim Telgi, a conman who defrauded the Indian government and the public of billions of rupees through a counterfeit stamp paper scam. The scam was one of the biggest financial frauds in Indian history, and it shook the country to its core.

It will chronicle Telgi’s life as he rose to become the brains behind one of India’s most cunning frauds, which stretched over 18 states and shocked the entire nation. Telgi was born in Khanapur in the state of Karnataka. The swindle was worth hundreds of millions of dollars, according to estimates. We learned in May of last year that seasoned theatre performer Dev Riar had been chosen to portray Telgi, a fruit vendor who developed his criminal empire.

Together with Kiran Yadnyopavit, who is well-known for his work in the Marathi cinema business, Singh authored and developed the story. Production is done in collaboration with Sony’s Studio Next by Applause Entertainment. Tushar Hiranandani and Hansal Mehta are the show’s creators and directors, respectively.

The series is adapted from the Hindi book Reporter ki Diary by Sanjay Singh, who was the journalist who broke the story of the scam. The series stars Pratik Gandhi as Telgi, along with Shreya Dhanwanthary, Gagan Dev Riar, and Satish Kaushik.

When is the Release Date of Scam 2003?

The release date of Scam 2003 has been confirmed as September 2, 2023. The series will be available to stream on SonyLIV.

Scam 2003: The Telgi Story

Why Are Fans Excited for Scam 2003?

Fans are excited about Scam 2003 for several reasons. First, the first season of Scam 1992 was a huge success, and it won numerous awards, including the International Emmy Award for Best Drama Series. This has raised expectations for the sequel.

Second, the story of Scam 2003 is just as fascinating as the story of Scam 1992. The Telgi scam was one of the biggest financial frauds in Indian history, and it is a story that needs to be told.

Third, the cast of Scam 2003 is just as talented as the cast of Scam 1992. Pratik Gandhi is a brilliant actor, and he is sure to bring Telgi to life. The supporting cast is also excellent, and they will help to bring the story to life.

Other Details About Scam 2003

  • The series is directed by Hansal Mehta, who also directed the first season of Scam 1992.
  • The series is produced by Sameer Nair’s Applause Entertainment.
  • The series has a total of eight episodes.
  • The series will be available to stream in Hindi, English, Tamil, Telugu, and Malayalam.

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Scam 2003 is one of the most anticipated web series of the year. The series has a great story, a talented cast, and a proven track record. Fans are sure to be entertained by Scam 2003, and it is sure to be a critical and commercial success.

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