Shahid Kapoor Speaks Out: Is Kabir Singh 2 in the Works?

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Shahid Kapoor discussed the potential for a Kabir Singh 2 sequel in a recent interview, raising fans’ anticipation for the film’s future. Get all the insider details on Bigflix and discover the fate of this highly anticipated sequel straight from the star himself.

Shahid Kapoor Speaks

During a Pinkvilla Masterclass, a fan quizzed Shahid Kapoor about which film’s sequel he’d prefer. The crowd fervently chanted “Kabir Singh,” to which Kapoor playfully responded, “When the boy gets the girl, what story is left to tell? Everyone asks for Kabir Singh 2, but he finds Priti. Now, what should I do?”

This lighthearted remark hinted at the completion of Kabir Singh’s journey, leaving fans curious about the actor’s future projects and storylines.

Click here to watch the interview.

Mira Rajput’s Influence

Shahid Kapoor shared a heartwarming incident about his wife, Mira Rajput, during a conversation. Initially hesitant about signing Kabir Singh, he confessed his doubts to Mira. Her simple yet profound encouragement convinced him.

Mira’s advice, “Just shut up and do it. It’s the perfect film for you,” resonated, highlighting the simplicity of her perspective.

Her words, reminding him of his appeal in love stories and complex characters, led him to embrace the role. Shahid’s Kabir Singh journey became a testament to Mira’s insightful support. Currently, he’s gearing up for an untitled romantic film alongside Kriti Sanon, following his recent appearance in Ali Abbas Zafar’s thriller, Bloody Daddy.

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