State Of Decay 3: Anticipated Features, Release Rumors, Gameplay, And What To Expect!

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Even though the world isn’t as obsessed with zombies as it once was, there will undoubtedly be more zombie action in the future. The third game in Undead Labs’ State of Decay series is now in development. It will undoubtedly pit a diverse group of survivors against legions of nomadic undead as they attempt to rebuild in a harsh environment.

So far, the series has combined action-adventure, stealth, survival-horror, role-playing, and strategy components into each edition, creating an engaging experience that involves decapitating zombies and reconstructing society.

Though we still don’t know a lot about State of Decay 3, we’ve been quietly scanning the wasteland for any new information. Undoubtedly, it’s among our most eagerly awaited Xbox Series X titles. Here is what we currently know about State of Decay 3.

State Of Decay 3 state of decay 3 release date

Undead Labs have  stated that the game was in the early pre-production phases when the cinematic announcement video was unveiled at the Xbox Games Showcase event in July 2020.

Rumor has it that Undead Labs was coerced into releasing an announcement trailer before the developers thought it was appropriate. Following its acquisition by Microsoft in 2018, Undead Labs saw a significant culture shift that resulted in accusations of mismanagement, exhaustion, and misogyny, according to an investigative investigation published in March 2022 by Kotaku.

During the Xbox and Bethesda Games Showcase 2022, fans were hoping to get a fresh glimpse at State of Decay 3, but there was almost no mention of it. Additionally, the company did not release any fresh information at any of the other 2022 gaming events or thus far in 2023.

The project looks to be in pre-production, and things at Undead Labs don’t seem promising for a release anytime soon. Updates for State of Decay 2, which was first published in 2018, have been provided by Undead Labs.

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State Of Decay 3 Game Play state of decay 3 release date

Although we don’t currently have any concrete gameplay specifics, we anticipate that State of Decay 3’s core will resemble those of its predecessors. Players take control of a small town of survivors, searching the map for resources to keep them alive, other lost people to enlist in their society, and Plague Hearts to destroy.

The game’s base-building mechanism, which was a little awkward in SOD2, more character development, and more extensive customization possibilities for outfits, weapons, and other items are among the things fans anticipate seeing changed. Even though the SOD2 characters had a ton of backstories to give and funny one-liners that gave them a little personality, there wasn’t much character development throughout the game, and not many times where characters truly bonded.

A day or two of low morale and maybe one regretful statement from the rest of the crew followed the death of a longstanding community member by a stray plague zombie, and then it was back to business as usual. As previously said, this marks the first time the State of Decay games have entered a wild area. Considering the survival aspects of the games, this implies that weather will likely play a significant role in the third iteration and could have an impact on how shelters are constructed or heated.

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Where To Play State Of Decay 3? state of decay 3 release date

Xbox Series X, Series S, and PC versions of State of Decay 3, which is published by Xbox Game Studios, will be accessible. It seems improbable that the game will launch in a period when fresh titles are still available on consoles from the previous generation.

The trailer for State of Decay 3, which Microsoft published in July 2020, is our first and only glimpse at the game. Even though the trailer omits any information about the story or gameplay, there is still plenty to explore.


State of Decay 3, the highly anticipated zombie survival game, remains shrouded in mystery. With no official release date and sparse updates, the development process appears to be in the early stages. Fans hope for improvements in gameplay mechanics, character development, and enhanced survival elements in this installment. The game will be available on Xbox Series X, Series S, and PC.

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