Still up Season 2: Expected Plot, Cast and Much More!

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Still Up Season 2 Release Date

“Get ready for an exhilarating journey as ‘Still Up’ returns with its much-anticipated Season 2! Brace yourself for a rollercoaster of emotions as the gripping plot continues to unfold. As fans eagerly await the next chapter, rumors swirl about unexpected twists and turns that will keep audiences on the edge of their seats.

The stellar cast, known for their exceptional performances, is set to deliver yet another round of unforgettable moments. With the bar set high by Season 1, expectations are soaring for this thrilling sequel. Join us as we delve into the expected plot, introduce the cast, and explore the much-anticipated surprises in ‘Still Up’ Season 2!”

The Expected Plot of Still Up Season 2

Still Up Season 2 Release Date

The plot of Still Up Season 2 has not yet been revealed. However, the first season ended with Lisa and Danny’s relationship finally deepening. It is likely that the second season will explore their new relationship, as well as the challenges they face as insomniacs.

“Still Up” explores the intriguing late-night connection between Lisa, an eccentric illustrator, and Danny, a socially awkward reporter who grapples with insomnia. Throughout the first season, viewers witnessed the evolution of their unique bond as they engaged in hours of conversation, despite having never met in person.

As the second season unfolds, it is expected to delve even deeper into the complexities of Lisa and Danny’s relationship. Will their friendship evolve into something more profound? How will they navigate the challenges in their respective lives while contending with sleepless nights? The show might introduce new characters and storylines to maintain its captivating appeal and keep audiences engaged.

Who Could Be in Still Up Season 2?

Still Up Season 2 Release Date

The main cast of Still Up is expected to return for the second season, including:

  • Antonia Thomas as Lisa
  • Craig Roberts as Danny
  • Blake Harrison as Ben
  • Lois Chimimba as Jess
  • Luke Fetherston as Mike
  • Rich Fulcher as Steve
  • Samantha Spiro as Sarah
  • Cathy Murphy as Maggie
  • Enzo Squillino Jr. as Enzo
  • Ivana Basic as Ivana
  • Albert Magashimore as Albert

Last Season Recap

Still Up Season 2 Release Date

Still Up Season 1 follows best friends Lisa and Danny, who are both insomniacs and stay connected to each other late into the night. Lisa is a shy and introverted artist, while Danny is a more outgoing and extroverted musician.

Over the course of the first season, Lisa and Danny help each other through various challenges, including job searches, breakups, and family issues. They also develop a deeper connection and start to fall for each other.

The season finale ends with Lisa and Danny kissing, and it is clear that their relationship is finally moving forward.

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Where to Watch Still Up Season?

Still Up Season 2 Release Date

“Still Up,” the captivating series, is now accessible for streaming on Apple TV+. Dive into its compelling narrative, a rollercoaster of emotions and unexpected twists that keeps audiences on the edge of their seats. Don’t miss the chance to experience the gripping storytelling and remarkable performances in this binge-worthy show on Apple TV+.

In addition to the above, here is a more in-depth look at what we can expect from Still Up Season 2:

  • A deeper exploration of Lisa and Danny’s relationship: The first season ended with Lisa and Danny kissing, and it is clear that their relationship is finally moving forward. In Season 2, we can expect to see them navigate the challenges of dating and falling in love.
  • More wacky and heartwarming adventures: Still Up is known for its quirky sense of humour and its heartwarming moments. In Season 2, we can expect to see Lisa and Danny embark on more wacky adventures and share more heartwarming moments together.
  • A Look at the Challenges of Living with Insomnia: Still Up is also a show about the challenges of living with insomnia. In Season 2, we can expect to see Lisa and Danny continue to struggle with their insomnia, but we can also expect to see them learn more about themselves and how to cope with their condition.

Overall, Still Up Season 2 is shaping up to be a must-watch for fans of the series. With its charming characters, heartwarming moments, and quirky sense of humor, Season 2 is sure to be just as enjoyable as the first.


In the highly anticipated Season 2 of “Still Up,” viewers can anticipate an exploration of the blossoming relationship between Lisa and Danny, delving into the challenges of dating and falling in love. As the quirky duo continues their late-night escapades, expect more wacky adventures and heartwarming moments.

The season is poised to maintain its unique blend of humor and emotion. Moreover, the challenges of living with insomnia will remain a central theme, providing insights into Lisa and Danny’s journey of self-discovery and coping. Brace yourselves for another binge-worthy installment that promises to surpass the charm of the first season. Don’t miss the enchanting narrative unfolding on Apple TV+.

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