Strong Girl Nam Soon Episode 17 Potential Release Date: Unveiling the Finale’s Cliffhangers and Future Speculations

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Strong Girl Nam Soon Ep 17 Release Date

Strong Girl Nam Soon Episode 17 Release Date: Strong Girl Nam-soon is a Netflix-produced Korean show directed by Kim Jeong-sik and Lee Kyung-sik, with scripts penned by Baek Mi-kyung. The production is a collaborative effort of Barunson Studio, Story Phoenix, and SLL.

If the title sounds familiar, it’s because the series is connected to the popular 2017 Korean show, Strong Girl Bong-soon. Strong Girl Nam-soon serves as a spinoff of that Popular series.

The storyline centers around Gang Nam-soon, a young woman endowed with extraordinary strength. Returning to South Korea in search of her birth family, she becomes entangled in a drug case. The lead role of Gang Nam-soon is portrayed by the renowned South Korean actress Lee Yoo-mi.

Fans can’t wait to find out when episode 17 of Strong Girl Nam Soon will be released. They’re also really curious about what will happen in the next episode. In this article, we’ve gathered all the details we know about episode 17 of Strong Girl Nam Soon. So, read the entire article to get a better understanding of what’s coming up in the next episode of Strong Girl Nam Soon.

When Will Episode 17 of Strong Girl Nam Soon Be Released?

Strong Girl Nam Soon Episode 17 Release Date

The 17th episode of Strong Girl Nam-soon Season 1 will not be airing because the entire season has concluded. The final episode, Episode 16, marked the end of Season 1, and there won’t be any additional episodes on Sunday or thereafter. Season 1 is now complete.

Who Are the Actors in Season 1 of The TV show Strong Girl Namsoon?

In this show, you’ll see some famous and talented actors playing different characters. Here’s a list of the main cast and the characters they portray:

  • Lee Yoo-mi as Gang Nam-soon
  • Kim Hae-sook as Gil Joong-gan
  • Seong-wu Ong as Kang Hee-sik
  • Jeong-eun Kim as Hwang Geum-ju
  • Anzu Lawson as Geum-Ju
  • Harrison Xu as Officer Park
  • Woo-Seok Byeon as Ryoo Si-oh
  • Liz Burnette as Gil Joong Gan
  • Stephanie Wong as Hwa-Ja
  • Lee Seung-joon as Kang Bong-go

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What’s the Story of Strong Girl Namsoon?

What's the Story of Strong Girl Namsoon?

For generations, the family of Gang Nam-soon has possessed extraordinary strength. When Nam-soon was a child, she mysteriously vanished in Mongolia, leaving her mother, Hwang Geum-joo, in a saddened state.

Years later, driven by the sole desire to reunite with her mother, Nam-soon embarks on a journey to South Korea. In the bustling district of Gangnam in Seoul, she discovers her mother, now a successful businesswoman, and her resilient grandmother, Gil Joong-gan.

However, the long-awaited reunion takes a dark turn as they become entangled in a drug-related case that poses a grave threat to their lives. Assigned to solve the case is Detective Kang Hee-sik, a dedicated and passionate investigator, who crosses paths with Nam-soon during his investigation.

Together, they navigate perilous paths, delving into the murky world of drug trafficking to uncover the truth concealed beneath the twisted lies spun by dangerous criminals. Nam-soon’s extraordinary strength proves to be a valuable asset in the pursuit of justice, yet she must learn to control it to prevent unintentional harm.

Amidst the chaos and dangers, Nam-soon finds herself drawn to Detective Kang Hee-sik. His unwavering faith in her transcends any challenges, propelling him to do what is right regardless of the obstacles they face.

Strong Girl Namsoon Season 1 Recap

Strong Girl Namsoon Season 1 Recap

In the intense and emotional ending, a sad and touching moment unfolds, stirring deep feelings within us.

The climax is heart-wrenching as armed police confront Shi-o, leading to his tragic decision to end his own life. This leaves Nam-soon in shock and tears, completely changing the course of their intertwined destinies.

Feeling the urgency to find an antidote, Hee-sik stresses its importance, making Nam-soon remember a stationery store where they confirmed its presence. This becomes a crucial breakthrough in their quest.

While having a meal with her mother and grandmother, Nam-soon is surprised that her efforts are recognized. This prompts Joong-gan to reflect on their family trait, sharing the hardships of Geum-ju’s past and revealing a shared legacy of resilience.

As they discuss their futures, Nam-soon boldly declares her life goal, and Geum-ju vows to dismantle a secret criminal group, determined to expose and bring them to justice.

The narcotics investigation team receives praise and promotions. Nam-soon, recruited as a police officer, enthusiastically embraces this new chapter with animated salutes and gestures.

Strong Girl Namsoon Season 1 RecapJoong-gan wishes for reconciliation between Geum-ju and Bong Go, but Geum-ju’s strong individuality makes it seem impossible. Despite the pressure, Geum-ju remains steadfast in tackling challenges independently.

Meanwhile, Hee-sik proposes to Nam-soon, and she joyfully accepts, marking a joyous celebration of this significant moment. During a family meeting, Hee-sik’s parents initially disapprove of Nam-soon but change their perspective upon witnessing her family’s affluence, leading to newfound respect and acceptance.

In a crucial moment, Hee-sik warns Geum-ju about Nozh targeting her. This prompts Geum-ju to embark on a mission to capture Nozh and detain Pavel. However, the revelation that Nozh is Brad Song changes the situation.

Geum-ju declares her determination to end him and seeks out Yun-hui, emphasizing the importance of his son, Chung-dong, for a specific assignment due to his unique genetic mutation. This intriguing lead sets the stage for the next chapter, declaring Chung-dong as an exceptional and abrupt mutation.

Where Can You Find the Strong Girl Nam-Soon Show to Watch?

You can watch the show Strong Girl Nam-Soon on JTBC if you’re in South Korea, and it’s also available on Netflix in some places.


Strong Girl Nam Soon Season 1 has concluded with Episode 16, and there won’t be an Episode 17. The series follows Gang Nam-soon, endowed with extraordinary strength, as she navigates a drug-related case to reunite with her family. The emotional finale sees significant character developments and sets the stage for future challenges and revelations. Watch on JTBC (South Korea) or Netflix.

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