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One of the most well-liked anime series with a martial arts theme is Swallowed Star, which debuted in 2020 and has acquired a sizable fan following. The show’s fascinating plot and exciting action sequences have made it popular among anime enthusiasts.

After the second season of the show aired in 2021, fans were left wanting more. Will there be a Swallowed Star Season 3? is the question that everyone wants to know. We’ll examine all the options in this post for the program to obtain all the necessary knowledge about the well-known anime.

Swallowed Star Season 3 Release Date

swallowed star season 3 release date

Swallowed Star was released on August 5, 2023. Like the previous two seasons of the anime, fans of the show are eager to see if this one will live up to the hype and are thrilled about the release date. Fans can only guess as to what will happen to the anime.

Swallowed Star Plot swallowed star season 3 release date

Suddenly, a strange virus called RR appeared, causing havoc across the world. Mass invasions by horrific creatures transformed infected animals into human enemies, and humanity erected walls around the carnage to establish the base city as their last bastion.

The suffering of humanity is the reason this time is known as the “Great Nirvana Time.” In addition to providing for his family, Luo Feng’s duties included protecting the human homeland and working with other justice warriors to fight terrifying creatures in order to ensure humanity’s continued existence and advancement.

Can Luo Feng and the other warriors successfully repel the monsters and defend the world in the dreadful circumstances of the end?

Swallowed Star Recap swallowed star season 3 release date

In Swallowed Star season 2, Luo Feng is put to the test when he battles a formidable opponent who seems to have some sort of connection to his past. With the support of his friends, Luo Feng bravely confronts the monster in an effort to protect his city and find out the truth. The fight scenes in this episode are intense and action-packed as Luo Feng and the monster battle it out.

Awaiting the conclusion of the combat, viewers are glued to their seats, anxious to see if Luo Feng will win. Luo Feng’s unshakable resolve and newly acquired awareness of his skills ultimately allow him to defeat the monster and learn valuable lessons about his own abilities. Luo Feng’s character develops over the season as he faces increasingly difficult challenges, revealing more nuanced facets of his personality.

swallowed star season 3 release date

A wide range of the show’s supporting characters, each with their own distinct abilities and personalities, help Luo Feng in his battles with the monsters. Swallowed Star’s second season looks to be every bit as exciting and action-packed as the first, with Luo Feng facing formidable opponents and discovering the truth about his surroundings.

Because of its compelling storyline, well-developed characters, top-notch animation, and breathtaking cinematography, the show is a must-watch for aficionados of the action and adventure genres.

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Where To Watch Swallowed Starswallowed star season 3 release date

Swallowed Star is available for streaming on several popular platforms. You can watch new episodes or catch up on previous seasons on Hulu, Google Play, Amazon Prime Video, and other platforms. Additionally, the season as a whole or individual episodes are available for digital download.

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Trailer for Swallowed Star Season 3


The article provides information about the anime series Swallowed Star, emphasizing its popularity among fans due to its martial arts theme, captivating plot, and thrilling action sequences. The release date for Season 3 was on August 5, 2023, leaving fans eager for the continuation of the story.

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