The Boys Season 4 Release Date: Everything We Know So Far!

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The Boys Season 4

The Boys Season 4 Release Date Rumors: The Boys is a popular American superhero TV series made by Eric Kripke. It’s based on a comic book by Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson. The story is about a group of vigilantes called The Boys who fight against people with superpowers who use them for bad things.

The show’s release date was announced with a poster that had strong language, just like the character Billy Butcher would use. The poster said, “Break out the f**king confetti.” This poster showed trouble for our heroes because it had Homelander, played by Anthony Starr, standing proudly next to Victoria Neuman, played by Claudia Doumit, during a presidential election.

Even though we have to wait a bit longer for more superhero action, we have a great trailer to keep us excited. The new season shows our superheroes involved in politics, and things look tough. Neuman, who might become Vice President, seems controlled by Homelander. Meanwhile, Butcher, played by Karl Urban, is meeting a new mysterious character played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan.

Since the fourth season has been delayed, fans want to know when it will come out. This article is here to give all the important information and solve the mystery of the release date.

When Will Season 4 of The Boys Come Out?

The fourth season of The Boys is set to launch on Thursday, June 13th, 2024. The news was revealed through a poster shared on social media. When the series kicks off, three episodes will be available right away, and after that, a new episode will be released every week. The season will wrap up with the finale on July 18th.

Fans can mark Friday, June 10th, 2022, as the official renewal date for The Boys’ fourth season. This announcement came just a week after the premiere of Season 3 on Prime Video. The third season received positive reviews and generated significant excitement from fans.

What is the Plot of The Boys Season 4?

The Boys Season 4

In the trailer for The Boys season 4, there are clues suggesting that Homelander, played by Antony Starr, might be considering a run for office. A voiceover in the trailer hints at a potential political advisor counseling Homelander. This advisor talks about the tactic of dividing people, letting them argue among themselves, and then stepping in as the hero. This suggests that Homelander may be considering a political career where such strategies could be useful.

The trailer also gives a glimpse into the presidential campaign of Robert Singer, played by Jim Beaver, and Victoria Neuman, played by Claudia Doumit. This campaign was teased in the finale of The Boys season 3 and continues in the Gen V spinoff.

Homelander’s son, Ryan, played by Cameron Crovetti, who now has a more significant role as part of the main cast, is prominently featured in the trailer. Ryan’s allegiance appears to be with his father, as indicated by his reaction when he witnesses his father killing a protestor. This event creates a deeper divide between Homelander and Butcher, portrayed by Karl Urban, adding to the tension in the upcoming season.

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The Boy’s Previous Season Recap:

The Boys Season 4

After getting back together, the Boys are more committed than ever to executing their strategy to defeat the Supes. Nonetheless, it appears that Victoria Neuman has become their main adversary. She struck a pact with Homelander in the season finale.

The Deep overcame her resistance to win her the Vice President ticket. She now has a chance to surpass all previous superheroes in terms of power, at least in the political arena. But this time, Starlight will provide them with some assistance. She spent some time trying to alter things from the inside out, but now she’s officially on Team Butcher as an official team member.

After being left to struggle with the fallout from Temp V, he may require all the assistance he can get. Billy will be in grave danger in the upcoming season because it has been stated that he is on borrowed time because of the effects the drug is having on his body.

Who Will Be in The Cast of The Boys Season 4?

The Boys Season 4

The cast of The Boys has expanded significantly over the last few seasons, and nearly all of them appear to be returning. Some casting announcements are anticipated in the upcoming months before the start of season 4 production. It’s the Boys returning. This means that Tomer Capone as Frenchie, Karen Fukuhara as Kimiko, Erin Moriarty as Starlight, Karl Urban as Billy Butcher, Jack Quaid as Hughie, and Laz Alonso as Mother’s Milk will all be appearing.

The Seven have been fewer in number, but Homelander has survived. That means Colby Minifie as Vought suck-up CEO Ashley, Chase Crawford’s The Deep, and Jessie T. Usher’s A-Train will all be returning alongside Antony Starr. The cast list reflects Homelander’s decision to bring his son Ryan into the spotlight after season 3.

Given that Victoria Neuman is expected to succeed her as vice president of the United States, Claudia Doumit ought to return. Other regular characters that might make a comeback are Katy Breieras as Cassandra, the now-estranged wife of The Deep, and Paul Reiser as The Legend. The largest newcomer to the cast of The Boys season 4 is Jeffrey Dean Morgan.

Where To Watch The Boys Season 4?

The fourth season of The Boys will premiere on Thursday, June 13th, 2024, exclusively on Amazon Prime Video. You can watch the new season of the show starting on that date.

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The Boys Season 4 Trailer


The Boys Season 4, a superhero TV series, is set to release on June 13th, with episodes released weekly until the finale on July 18th. The trailer hints at Homelander’s potential political career and introduces a new mysterious character played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan. The plot involves political campaigns, tensions between Homelander and Butcher, and the evolving role of Homelander’s son, Ryan. The cast includes returning members and new addition Jeffrey Dean Morgan. The show will be available on Prime Video. The storyline revolves around The Boys fighting against superpowered individuals misusing their abilities.

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