The Freelancer Episode 5 Release Date on Hotstar, Cast, Plot and More

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The Freelancer Episode 5 Release Date

The Freelancer Episode 5 Release Date is all set. With its intense action and pulpy spy drama, The Freelancer, Neeraj Pandey’s most recent high-octane espionage thriller, has captured fans’ attention. Mohit Raina plays Avinash Kamath, a former police officer turned mercenary on a perilous mission to Syria, in the Hotstar Specials series. Although the first four episodes of this season were released on September 1, devoted fans can’t wait for the remaining episodes to air.

So when can episode 5 be expected? What new detours and turns await Avinash? Let’s examine all the enticing information about the future chapter of The Freelancer saga. This in-depth guide will give details about the release, characters, storyline, and other aspects of the upcoming chapters that are worth bingeing on.

The Freelancer Episode 5 Release Date on Disney+ Hotstar

Hotstar has not officially released the dates, but according to certain rumors, the following episodes will air two to three weeks after the first one.

As a result, Episode 5 should be available on Disney+ Hotstar sometime in the third week of September 2023. Over the next few days, the streamer is anticipated to make the dates official. By building on the momentum created by the positive initial reception, Hotstar hopes to keep viewers interested in the show.

The Freelancer Episode 5 Cast

The new episodes will feature Mohit Raina continuing his brutal performance as the damaged mercenary Avinash Kamath. The following members of the main cast will reprise their roles:

The actors portraying significant enemies and allies will also make a comeback to further the story. This includes people like Navneet Malik, Sarah Jane Dias, and Ayesha Raza Mishra, among others.

What Happens in The Freelancer Episode 5?

The Freelancer Episode 5 Release Date

The SOS episode’s cliffhanger, in which Avinash learned some disturbing details about Inayat Khan’s murder, will be the opening scene of Episode 5. Avinash and Dr. Khan will work together to uncover more sinister information and piece together the true scheme.

Avinash will travel to dangerous international areas to acquire intelligence and pursue leads, so there will be plenty of high-octane action. Aliya’s track, meanwhile, will examine her attempts to escape despite persistent threats to her life. The relationship between Mrunal and Avinash may prove to be an intriguing element.

Will there be a Trailer or Teaser for Episode 5?

A few days before the episodes’ broadcast, Hotstar will probably release an exciting release video showing snippets of the next episodes. The advertising video would show Aliya seeking to flee and Avinash preparing to face the sinister powers at work. Additionally, we might anticipate some intense dialogue and action vignettes to grab our attention.

For simple access to the episodes, the portal provides choices like a risk-free trial and reasonably priced subscription packages. It is advised to watch the initial episodes before diving into the following ones because of the fast-paced storytelling.

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The Freelancer has all the elements necessary to develop into a compelling spy story with a wider spy universe. Upcoming Season 1 finale episodes are expected to have more stakes, more heart-pounding action, and acting fireworks.

Fans will be glued to their televisions as Avinash works against the clock to uncover evil plans. We hope that the last chapters provide a satisfying resolution that opens up an intriguing path for Season 2. The countdown has begun for what is expected to be a thrilling conclusion. 


The exact release date for The Freelancer episode 5 is still not available at the moment however, the show is tipped to return in the third week of November 2023. The previous episodes of the series is currently airing on Disney+ which would continue to sire the series. The show was originally in Hindi but it is currently available with rubbing in Telugu, Tamil, Marathi, Bengali, Malayalam, and Kannada. It is also available with English subtitle.

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