The Great Season 4 Release Date: Unveiling the Streaming Show’s Flexible Production Timeline

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The Great Season 4 Release Date

The Great Season 4 Release Date: The Hulu original series, The Great, brought a fresh and witty take to the historical narrative of the Russian monarchy, leaving fans wondering about the possibility of The Great Season 4. 

Since its debut in 2020, the show has received acclaim for transforming the story of Catherine the Great’s ascent to Empress of Russia, played by Elle Fanning, and portraying her complex relationship with her husband, Peter III, portrayed by Nicholas Hoult.

The series is praised for its sharp and clever writing and outstanding performances. The Great turns history into a black comedy, often taking creative liberties with accuracy but captivating audiences with its unique humor. Catherine the Great is portrayed in a way that diverges from traditional depictions, adding an extra layer of intrigue to the storyline.

Unlike other historical series, it opts for a vivid and dynamic storytelling approach, creating a compelling and engaging narrative. Despite incorporating some historical accuracy, The Great intentionally positions itself as “anti-historical,” allowing for captivating deviations from the real story. As fans eagerly await news of The Great Season 4, the series continues to be celebrated for its refreshing and entertaining portrayal of historical events.

For those eagerly anticipating The Great Season 4, this article promises to provide all the details you need, including the release date and additional information about the upcoming season. Keep reading to stay in the loop about the next chapter in The Great’s comedic and historically-inspired narrative.

Is The Great Season 4 Cancelled?

Is The Great Season 4 Cancelled

Despite the widespread popularity, Hulu has canceled The Great Season 4. While Hulu tends to keep its viewership numbers under wraps, the fact that the series secured three seasons speaks to its acclaim and following.

The fate of the series following Season 3 was swiftly revealed. The journey began with The Great Season 1 airing in May 2020, and Hulu promptly announced its renewal for Season 2 a few months later, in July of the same year. Season 3 continued the narrative, premiering on May 12, 2023. Unfortunately, news surfaced by the end of August that Season 4 would not be happening.

While the cancellation by Hulu has been confirmed, there remains a slim chance that another network could pick up The Great. However, there’s been no indication of interest from other platforms, including HBO.

Fans of The Great may be disappointed by this turn of events, but the three existing seasons are a testament to the show’s popularity.

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The Great Season 4 Release Date: Predicting a Deviation from Previous Timelines

The Great Season 4 Release Date

Unlike network programs that adhere to a more rigid yearly schedule, streaming shows like The Great have the flexibility to extend their productions to enhance quality, even if it means a longer wait for the next season.

Considering the production schedules of previous seasons, it’s highly improbable that The Great Season 4 will be released at the same time of year as Season 3. Instead, it seems more likely to follow the pattern set by Season 2, which arrived well over a year after Season 1.

If Another network picks up The Great, the earliest potential release for Season 4 could be in late 2024. This extrapolation considers the luxury of time streaming shows have in refining their content, emphasizing the importance of quality over a fixed release schedule. As fans anticipate the next chapter, patience may be the key as the production process unfolds.

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The Great Season 4 Speculated Plot

The Great Season 4 Plot

The speculated plot for The Great Season 4 unfolds with the series continuing to take liberties with the historical narrative of Catherine the Great’s life, allowing for limitless creative possibilities. In reality, Catherine’s husband, Peter, died shortly after their marriage, and Season 4 is expected to explore this aspect, especially since Season 3 saw the departure of Nicholas Hoult’s character.

While the real circumstances of Peter’s death were somewhat mysterious, the show portrayed it as him falling through the ice while crossing a frozen lake on his horse. This sets the stage for a challenging situation for Catherine in Season 4.

The upcoming season could focus on Catherine asserting her power, a trajectory that began to unfold towards the end of Season 3. It might delve into how she establishes herself as one of the most effective rulers in Russia’s history.

Additionally, Catherine faces the realization that her son is her heir, adding a layer of complexity and danger to her life, especially with potential threats from individuals like Georgina, who are always scheming to seize control.

The dynamics with Archie, whom Catherine orders to be buried alive for betrayal, only to be secretly saved by Marial, may continue to play out in Season 4. As with previous seasons, The Great Season 4 will likely revolve around Catherine, exploring her intricate legacy and complex relationships with fellow nobles, ensuring a captivating continuation of the series.

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The Great Season 4 Expected Cast

The Great Season 4 Cast

If Another network picks up the Great Season 4, the character is guaranteed to return as Catherine herself. Given that the show emphasizes the relationship between Catherine and Peter more than strict historical accuracy, the absence of Nicholas Hoult’s character, Peter III, following his demise in the last season was surprising.

Additionally, since Hoult played more than one character, including Yemelyan Pugachev, who also met his end, his return seems unlikely.

However, probably, key characters such as Phoebe Fox as Mariel, Gwilym Lee as Grigor, Adam Godley as Archie, Belinda Bromilow as Aunt Elizabeth, and Douglas Hodge as General Velementov will reprise their roles in The Great Season 4 cast.

Charity Wakefield, who portrays Georgina, known for her ambitions to take over the throne, is also expected to return, as is evident from her character’s desire to marry Catherine’s baby boy and overthrow her to rule Russia.

Bayo Gbadamosi as Arkady and Florence Keith-Roach as Tatyana are also likely to return, adding continuity to the ensemble cast. As The Great has built a strong foundation with its ensemble of characters, their return would ensure the continuation of the series’ unique and engaging dynamics in Season 4.

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Is There a Trailer Available for The Great Season 4?

Currently, no trailer for The Great Season 4 is available. A trailer is absent because another network has not picked up the show. Until another network picks up the The Great Season 4, fans must patiently await further announcements.


Despite The Great’s popularity, Hulu has canceled Season 4. The show’s three-season run speaks to its acclaim. The cancellation was swift, with no indication of interest from other networks. The fate of the property’s availability for sale is unclear.

Fans are disappointed, but the three seasons testify to the show’s popularity. Unlike network programs, streaming shows prioritize quality over fixed schedules. If another network picks up The Great, Season 4 could be released in late 2024, emphasizing the need for patience.

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