The Lincoln Lawyer Secures Season 3: Grabs Renewal Date on Netflix!

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Great news for fans of ‘The Lincoln Lawyer’! Volumes 1 and 2 of Season 2 are now available on Netflix. The season finale hints at more exciting developments for Mickey Haller. The best part? Season 3 is confirmed! Despite challenges, Netflix has given the green light for another season. Be ready for more legal drama and suspense.

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Confirmed: ‘The Lincoln Lawyer’ Renewed for Season 3!

Exciting news arrived on August 30th as Netflix officially announced the renewal of ‘The Lincoln Lawyer’ for a thrilling Season 3. Even before this confirmation, whispers about a third season were circulating, especially with the release of Volume 2.

Plans were already in motion for an additional season, indicating the creators’ dedication to the show’s future despite potential obstacles like strikes.

Fans can look forward to another riveting 10-episode season, which will draw inspiration from the fifth book in Michael Connelly’s ‘The Lincoln Lawyer’ series, titled ‘The Gods of Guilt’.

The anticipation is building for more legal intricacies, dramatic courtroom moments, and Mickey Haller’s constant search for justice. Be ready to dive into the compelling world of ‘The Lincoln Lawyer’ once again!

Ted Humphrey and Dailyn Rodriguez Express Delight Over ‘The Lincoln Lawyer’ Renewal: In response to the renewal, Ted Humphrey and Dailyn Rodriguez expressed their excitement, mentioning, “The audience’s positive reception has been incredibly rewarding. We’re thrilled to delve once more into Michael Connelly’s world, and to portray Mickey Haller and his realm on screen.”

Their enthusiasm reflects the joy of returning to the captivating universe and characters they’ve brought to life.

Peter Friedlander, VP of Scripted Series at Netflix US and Canada, is excited about renewing: “The Lincoln Lawyer” for a third season. The work of Ted Humphrey and Dailyn Rodriguez has delved deeper into Mickey Haller’s world, creating engaging characters and stories that resonate with viewers worldwide.

The show’s popularity remains high on global lists, highlighting the strong collaboration between creative talents like Michael Connelly, David E. Kelley, Ross Fineman, and the A+E Studios team.

Views from Team Members Prior to Show’s Renewal

According to a New York Times interview with showrunner Ted Humphrey, preparations for the third season were already underway with an established writers’ room before the WGA strike began on May 1st, 2023.

Humphrey shared his thoughts on the show’s future, stating, “Our next steps depend on the performance of Season 2 and the resolution of the strikes. The writers’ room for Season 3 had to halt due to the Writers Guild contract expiration.

We’ve participated in picket events alongside Michael Connelly and the ‘Bosch’ staff, highlighting the real issues that need fair resolution. We’re hopeful for prompt negotiations, and once resolved, we’ll get back to crafting the third season.”

Final Thoughts

To sum it up, The Lincoln Lawyer seems ready for renewal, contingent on meeting undisclosed internal Netflix benchmarks and the timely resolution of ongoing strikes.

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