The Mystery of Why Taylor Swift Shuns Live Performances of This Song!

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Taylor Swift has undeniably become the reigning queen of pop music, with her unprecedented success in re-recording albums and The Eras Tour, breaking global records.

The tour catered to fans of all preferences, offering a diverse setlist. However, notably missing was an emotionally charged song from her 2018 blockbuster album “Lover,” deliberately excluded from the setlist. Swift’s musical dominance continues to captivate audiences worldwide, showcasing her unparalleled influence in the industry.

Taylor Swift’s Live Setlist Without ‘Soon You’ll Get Better’

Taylor Swift anticipated the emotional weight of “Soon You’ll Be Better” from the start. In a YouTube Originals live stream, she revealed discussing its inclusion on the “Lover” album with her parents, despite their complex relationship.

Leaving the room during listening sessions, Swift acknowledged the song’s difficulty in a Sirius XM Town Hall panel, expressing uncertainty about playing it live. True to her word, she hasn’t performed it since 2018, aligning her “Lover” tour with her mother’s health needs. The singer’s thoughtful consideration of personal emotions and family dynamics remains a poignant aspect of her artistic journey.

Taylor Swift’s Song Reflecting Her Mother’s Cancer Story

In the shift from “Reputation” to “Lover,” Taylor Swift crafted an album of healing and peace, with “Soon You’ll Get Better” playing a pivotal role. Dedicated to her mother, Andrea, the song intimately chronicles their relationship and Andrea’s battle with breast cancer.

Diagnosed in 2015 and re-diagnosed in 2018, Andrea’s struggle influenced Swift’s poignant lyrics, expressing her determination to stay strong for her mother. This isn’t the first time Swift has dedicated a song to her mom; “The Best Day” on her 2008 album shares a similar sentiment.

The collaboration with The Chicks holds added significance, as they are Andrea’s favorite band and a childhood inspiration for Swift’s songwriting, emphasizing the deep emotional resonance within the track.

Taylor Swift’s Sole Presentation of ‘You’ll Get Better Soon’

Taylor Swift’s “You’ll Get Better Soon” had never been part of her tour repertoire until a special exception in 2020 for One World: Together At Home. Amid a global pandemic, Swift delivered a poignant, stripped-down piano version, introduced by Jimmy Fallon. The song’s live rendition gained universal acclaim, with praise for Swift’s emotional choice and her vocal prowess.

While the studio version had a modest chart position, its live performance elevated its status. Although absent from regular concerts, “You’ll Get Better Soon” holds a unique place in Swift’s catalog, enriched by its emotional resonance and the context of its exceptional live rendition during a time of global solidarity.

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