Titanic 2 Netflix Release Date: When The Famous Titanic’s Parody Going To Release On Netflix?

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Titanic 2 Netflix Release Date

Titanic 2 Netflix Release Date: Titanic II, also written as Titanic 2, is an American drama disaster movie from 2010 that stars Shane Van Dyke and was written, directed, and distributed by The Asylum.

Despite the name, it is not a sequel to the highly acclaimed movie “Titanic” from 1997. Instead, it is a parody of that movie. On August 7, 2010, it premiered in Australia directly on TV, on August 9 on Syfy and on Sky in the UK and Ireland, and on August 25 in the US.

Most critics didn’t like it, but the performances of the whole group, especially Bruce Davison’s, were praised.

Because Netflix has really good stuff to watch and it’s easy to use, plus a lot of people love Titanic, there are some folks who use Netflix and want to know when Titanic II will come out on it. If you want to know too, just keep reading this article to find out when you can watch Titanic II on Netflix.

Titanic 2 Netflix Release Date

Titanic 2 Netflix Release Date

Unfortunately, Netflix has not announced any release date for Titanic 2. We’re hopeful that the movie might become available on the streaming service in the future, whether that’s sooner or later. But while you’re waiting, we suggest revisiting the original 1997 Titanic film, which might be a great idea right now.

Watch The Original Titanic Movie on Netflix by Clicking Here.

Feeling like you need a quick reminder? Take a look at the official trailer for the Academy Award-winning movie below.

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Now that you’re more informed about what Titanic-related content is on Netflix currently, it’s time to find out where you can watch Titanic 2 in all its glory.

Where to Watch Titanic 2 Online?

Titanic 2 Netflix Release Date

The good news is that you have a bunch of options to watch Titanic 2, and you probably already have a subscription (or two) to these platforms. Here’s a list of places where you can enjoy every moment of this 2010 movie:

Once you’ve finished watching Titanic 2 on any of these platforms, you might be in the mood to dive even deeper into the Titanic world. If that’s the case, we’ve got some recommendations for you – a few similar titles that you can currently stream on Netflix. Here are our suggestions:

Now that you’ve got all the information you need about watching Titanic 2, feel free to visit any of the mentioned platforms to enjoy every single second of the movie. Or, if you prefer, head over to Netflix and start your binge-watching session with these similar titles!

Titanic 2 Cast

Actor  Role
Marie Westbrook Amy Maine
Shane Van Dyke Hayden Walsh
Bruce Davison
Captain James Maine
Michelle Glavan Kelly Wade
D. C. Douglas
Captain Will Howard
Brooke Burns
Dr. Kim Patterson
Josh Roman Elliot Snipes
Carey Van Dyke
First Officer Elmer Coolidge
Dylan Vox
Second Officer Dwayne Stevens
Wittly Jourdan Elijia Stacks
Kendra Waldman Madeline Kay

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