Trolley Troubles Release Date on Netflix: Check Out the Details!

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Trolley Troubles release date

Walt Disney finished the first Oswald cartoon, called “Poor Papa,” at the beginning of summer 1927. Universal, on the other hand, wasn’t very happy. They wanted someone who looked more like Charlie Chaplin, but Oswald was too old and too fat.

The movie didn’t come out in theaters until later because Disney agreed to make some changes.
Instead, Trolley Troubles, Oswald’s second cartoon, was sent to be shown. Universal liked the short, so on September 5, 1927, they showed it to the public. The press loved Walt’s new cartoon series, and Oswald became a real star because of it. From then on, every two weeks a new movie came out.

Poor Papa was finally shown in theaters, but Universal didn’t let it out until 1928. In 1927, nine works by Oswald were published. The cartoon came out again on November 23, 1931, when Walter Lantz Productions took over the Oswald series. There is music and sound effects in this new version. In 1955, the rights to Trolley Troubles ran out.

What Was the Trolley Troubles Release Date?

The short came out on the DVD Walt Disney Treasures: The Adventures of Oswald the Lucky Rabbit on December 11, 2007. As part of Disney’s 100th birthday celebration in September 2023, a new version of the short will be available on Disney+.

Trolley Troubles release date

The first cartoon short in the series about Oswald the Lucky Rabbit came out in 1927. It was called “Trolley Troubles.” But it was the second one that was made. Poor Papa wasn’t shown until 1928 because the people at Universal didn’t like it. They made Oswald look younger, slimmer, and sometimes mean. Universal made a new version of the short film with music and sound that came out in 1931.


Friz Freleng was supposed to film a scene where Oswald takes off his foot to rub it. Freleng went to Walt’s home to tell him what he was thinking. Walt was rude, so Freleng had to come up with his own plan. Freleng saw that Walt didn’t know what to do either, so he pushed him to find a solution. One of the levels in Epic Mickey that gets to the next one is called “Trolley Troubles.”

It is one of the three tests Mickey has to pass before he can meet Oswald. In the show, the cow wouldn’t move, so Oswald had to get under her. Mickey can flip a switch in the game to scare the cow away, so the trolley can keep going. To watch more content like this, please visit

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