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virgin river season 5 release date

Virgin River, a smash sensation on Netflix, has a retro vibe that draws inspiration from vintage small-town shows like Friday Night Lights and Dawson’s Creek. Netflix moved rapidly to capitalize on its surprising success by swiftly renewing Virgin River for seasons four and five after the premiere of season three, despite the plodding pacing, slow-burning romance, and lack of gadgets. Virgin River’s fourth season was rushed through by viewers, who were eager to learn when season five will premiere and what it might include.

On that front, we have both good and bad news: A later release date resulted from the unexpected four-month delay in the fifth season’s filming, which was moved from March to July 2022. The good news is that Virgin River season 5 was confirmed to have started filming in British Columbia by Netflix in July 2023. Late in November 2023, the official Virgin River Instagram announced that Season 5 had officially come to an end, writing, “That’s a WRAP on Season 5!” However, despite expectations from fans for a July release date, Netflix said via Tudum that the fifth season wouldn’t be available until “this fall.” Season 5’s debut date was revealed to be September 7, 2023, Netflix shocked viewers by announcing that a slew of Christmas specials would also air in November 2023.

When will Netflix release Virgin River season 5?

Virgin River season five consists of 12 episodes; the first 10 will be available on Netflix on Thursday, September 7; however, the latter two won’t be available for a while.

Beginning on November 30, episodes 11 and 12 will be accessible on Netflix. To coincide with the Christmas season, they will be made available as special holiday episodes.

virgin river season 5 release date

Virgin River Season 5 Plot

The Season 4 storylines that must be resolved include: What will happen to Vince, Paige, Christopher, and Preacher? What is Denny’s outlook? Brady has gotten himself into what sort of trouble this time? And just who is the father of Charmaine’s offspring?

At a set visit last year, executive producer and writer Erin Cardillo told Tudum, “What you can expect from Season 5 is a lot of answers to the questions you have been waiting for.” All of these issues—Hope’s recovery, Doc’s diagnosis, Paige’s predicament, Brie and Brady’s romance—will be handled.

Additionally, executive producer and author Richard Keith informed Tudum during the same set visit that “this season will bring some new characters to Virgin River that will mix things up a bit. Kandyse McClure of Battlestar Galactica portrays one of such characters.

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Who is in Virgin River season 5’s cast?

How can I watch and stream Season 5 of Virgin River?

Virgin River Season 5 may be viewed online simply by creating a Netflix account. The monthly cost of a typical Netflix subscription with commercials is $6.99, whereas the monthly cost of a normal Netflix subscription without ads is $15.49. The monthly cost of a premium Netflix subscription with no ads is $19.99.

Does Virgin River Season 5 have a trailer?

Yes, you can view the Virgin River Season 5 trailer here:

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