Where to Watch the Thrilling Prisoners, a 2013 International Blockbuster?


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prisoner on netflix

If you are a lover of Hugh Jackman’s work, Prisoners must be on your watchlist. The gripping thriller is a 2013 American movie directed by the Canadian, Denis Villeneuve. The movie apart from being a massive box office success, gained a lot of critical appreciation. Made in a budget of $46 million, the movie was able to collect a whopping $122 million worldwide.

The Prisoners was also nominated for many awards where Jake Gyllenhaal won the coveted ‘Best Actor in Supporting Role’ at Hollywood Film Festival. for his nail-biting performance as Detective Loki. The movie has a run time of 2h 33m. On the famous movie-rating platform, IMDb, it has a rating of 8.1 out of 10.

You now must be eagerly wondering where to watch this suspenseful masterpiece. No worries! Bigflix is here to assist you on your cinema journey. Read the entire article and know all the interesting details about the movie.

Is Prisoners Accessible on Netflix?

ABSOLUTELY! The Prisoners is available on our very own Netflix. For the Indian audience, Airtel Xstream Play offers the streaming option for this movie. You can convert your TV into Airtel Xstream TV at the price of Rs. 1500. Click here to directly reach the official website.

Amazon Prime Video also provides access to the movie but not in every country. For the Indian audience, it does not. If you are a US citizen, Amazon surely provides you with the service to buy/rent the movie.

One can either rent or buy the movie on AppleTV. Besides that Blu-ray can be the option where you can view the movie.

prisoner on netflix

The Ensemble Cast!

Real NameRole Name
Hugh JackmanKeller Dover
Jake GyllenhaalDetective Loki
Viola DavisNancy Birch
Maria BelloGrace Dover
Terrence HowardFranklin Birch
Melissa LeoHolly Jones
Paul DanoAlex Jones
Dennis ChristopherMr. Jones
Brad JamesOfficer Carter
Erin GerasimovichAnna Dover
Kyla-Drew SimmonsJoy Birch
prisoner on netflix

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Let’s Dive Into the Plot!

Not an exaggeration but this is a MUST WATCH! The story is woven around the kidnapping of two young girls, Anna and Joy. The father of Anna, Keller Dover seeks the help of Detective Loki to find the girls. Loki starts the investigation when he accidentally reaches the house of a Father who once killed a man because that man confessed to the crime of killing sixteen girls and intended to kill more.

As the girls were lost around an RV, Loki searches for the vehicle. As soon as he finds the vehicle, the man, Alex driving the RV tries to escape. Loki catches the man but soon releases him due to a lack of evidence. Alex is also revealed to have an undeveloped brain. But, Keller suspects Alex to be the kidnapper.

The rest of the movie reveals who is really behind the unfortunate incident but keep this in mind that the climax is unpredictable. That is the prime reason why this movie is so adored around the globe. This is undoubtedly one of the best works of Denis Villeneuve.

You Can’t Miss the Trailer!

In case you have failed to watch this one-of-a-kind movie, we’ve provided you with all the platforms where you may devour it. Call out your friends, prepare some snacks, and transport yourself to the world created by Denis Villeneuve. Trust Bigflix, the journey won’t be disappointing!

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