Where to Watch the Dragon Prince Season 5, a Critically Lauded Animation You Can’t Skip!


watch the dragon prince on netflix

The creators of The Dragon Prince released the fifth installment of this highly acclaimed series in the world of animation on July 22, 2023. The first season was out in 2018. It has been created by Aaron Ehasz and Justin Richmond. Animation is worked out by the reputed Bardel Entertainment.

The creators recently confirmed the renewal of the series for its sixth and seventh installments. Every season has nine episodes. On IMDb, the show has been rated 8.3 out of 10. It was nominated for various awards and won two of them which are listed below:

2020Daytime Emmy AwardsOutstanding Children’s Animated Series
2023Leo AwardsBest Direction in an Animation Series

Now, if you are wondering where to watch this show, your search ends with Bigflix. Read the article and you are all set to go!

watch the dragon prince on netflix

Is The Dragon Prince Available on Netflix?

YES! It is the Netflix original series. You can definitely binge-watch it on this popular streaming platform.

Netflix offers 3 different plans which differ from each other on the basis of the perks provided and the cost of each plan.

Netflix Pricing of Different Plans (United States)

  • Standard with ads: $6.99 / month
  • Standard: $15.49 / month (extra member slots* can be added for $7.99 each / month)
  • Premium: $19.99 / month (extra member slots* can be added for $7.99 each / month)

Netflix Plans differ from country to country due to taxes and other reasons.

watch the dragon prince on netflix

Meet the Stunning Cast!

Character NamesVoiceover Artists
Prince CallumJack DeSena
RaylaPaula Burrows
Crown Prince EzranSasha Rojen
Lord VirenJason Simpson
ClaudiaRacquel Belmonte
SorenJesse Inocalla
watch the dragon prince on netflix

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Dive Into the Premise!

The story is set in the mystical continent of Xadia. This land acquires magic from six sources. It is coinhabited by dragons, humans, and elves. For a long period of time, all three groups exist in harmony. But things turn bitter when Humans discovered a different form of magic- dark power. Due to conflicts in values, humans are forced to live in the other half of Xadia.

Hundreds of years later, the human King Harrow of Katolis kills the King of the Dragons and Archdragon of the Sky, Avizandum, and also destroyed the egg of the Dragon Prince, the Dragon King’s unborn heir.

This leads to a series of planning and plotting and eventual fights among the elves, humans, and of course the dragons. The storyline is not limited to the younger audience but offers an interesting watch to every age group. The brilliant animation, a compelling story rounded up in a perfect mix of emotions is a treat for the audience.

Have a Look at The Trailer!

In case you have failed to watch this show, we’ve provided you with a platform where you may devour it. Call your friends, prepare snacks, and transport yourself into this gripping piece of fiction. Trust Bigflix, the journey won’t be disappointing!

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