where to watch Tiger 24? the issue that once shook the state!


where to watch tiger 24

Tiger 24 is a 2022 documentary directed, written, and produced by Warren Periera. It is distributed by Elevation Pictures and has a runtime of ninety minutes. It is an extraordinary attempt to showcase the life of a tiger infamously called a man-eater.

It won an award at Amsterdam International Film Festival for Best Documentary. Apart from this it also received many more wins and nominations. On IMDb, it has been rated 7.3 out of 10. If you are wondering where to watch it, don’t worry, Bigflix is here to help you!

where to watch tiger 24

is it available on Netflix?

ABSOLUTELY! It is a Netflix original show. You can surely seek the pleasure of watching it on this platform.

Netflix offers 3 different plans which differ from each other based on the perks provided and the cost of each plan.

Netflix Pricing Of Different Plans (United States)

  • Standard with ads: $6.99 / month
  • Standard: $15.49 / month (extra member slots* can be added for $7.99 each / month)
  • Premium: $19.99 / month (extra member slots* can be added for $7.99 each / month)

Netflix Plans differ from country to country due to taxes and other reasons.

where to watch tiger 24

the cast

Warren Periera
Valmik Thapar
Yogesh Sahu
Aditya Singh
Chandrabal Singh
Sarita Subramaniam
Rajeev Garg
where to watch tiger 24

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the plot

Tiger 24 is the story of a tiger in the Ranthambhore Tiger Reserve who killed a man and was now deemed a man-eater. The man entered the tiger’s territory and was subjected to a brutal attack. In opposition, the authorities put the tiger in a zoo which invited heavy criticism from civilians and various organizations.

People took to the streets and protested heavily against this controversial decision. Even the Supreme Court of India was involved in the matters. The director, Warren initially planned of making a documentary professing the conservation of tigers but with the occurrence of this incident, he knew that something bigger and more impactful is on the rolls. The art of cinematography is redefined in the documentary. The message is clear enough, only its watchers have to make it heard.  

have a look at the trailer!

In case you have failed to watch this thought-provoking piece, we’ve provided you with information about the platform where you may devour it. Call your friends, prepare some snacks, and transport yourself into this gripping fabrication. Trust Bigflix, the journey won’t be disappointing!

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