What Happened To Ralph From Howard Stern? A Dive Into His Legacy!

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Renowned makeup artist Ralph Cirella rose to fame in the 1980s, receiving praise for his unique effects and costumes. Regarding both his passing and what happened to him, fans have been making assumptions. Everything you need to know about Ralph Cirella’s life and circumstances is covered in this page.

What Happened To Ralph From Howard Stern?what happened to ralph from howard stern

Ralph Cirella, who was 58 years old, passed away recently. In the 1980s, he rose to fame and was acknowledged for his contributions to costumes and special effects. Cirella was close friends with radio host Howard Stern, who revealed Ralph’s passing on The Howard Stern Show on December 6, 2023, 2023.

Fox8 reported that Stern said Cirella was receiving lymphoma treatment. He went on to remark that Cirella “didn’t take care of himself” and that Ralph “was a dear, trustworthy friend who always made me laugh.” According to Howard Stern, Ralph Cirella also made appearances alongside him on a number of reality TV programs, such as America’s Got Talent. Howard revealed that he met Beth Ostrosky at a party and that Cirella is the reason he is married to her.

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How Did Ralph Become Popular?what happened to ralph from howard stern

Ralph Cirella was Howard Stern’s longtime buddy and makeup artist since the 1980s, as was previously established. In addition, he designed sets for Stern, receiving accolades for his efforts. Cirella supposedly attended a private school while growing up in Connecticut. After that, he began to pursue a career as a radio personality. He appeared in several movies, including Welcome to the Max, Alien Space Avenger, and Private Parts, according to IMDb.

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Ralph Networth what happened to ralph from howard stern

Max. Ralph Cirella, according to IdolNetWorth, had a net worth of approximately $1 million. According to the website, he had been a fan of Howard Stern since the latter’s 1982–1985 tenure at WNBC. In addition, he co-hosted The Friday Show on Howard 100 and Howard 101 alongside Gary Dell’Abate and Jon Hein until it was taken off the air.

Geek Time was another program he hosted on Howard 101. Following the online spread of Ralph Cirella’s death, tributes to him poured over social media channels. On Instagram, actor John Stamos posted a long message.

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