What Really Happened to the ‘Source Code’ Sequel?

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What Happened to the ‘Source Code’ Sequel?

The American sci-fi action thriller Source Code came out in 2011. Both Dunc Jones and Ben Ripley wrote it on the spot. Jake Gyllenhaal plays U.S. Army Captain Colter Stevens, who is called into an eight-minute digital recreation of a real train explosion and told to figure out who set it off. There are small parts for Jeff Wright, Michelle Monaghan, and Vera Farmiga.

The public saw it for the first time on March 11, 2011, at South by Southwest. It came out on April 1, 2011, in North America and Europe from Peak Entertainment. It made over $147.3 million at the box office, even though it only cost $31.9 million to make. It got good reviews from critics. About $54 million was made in the US and $147 million around the world.

That’s pretty good for a movie that cost $30 million to make. There was a lot of interest in making another Source Code movie because the first one made five times what they spent on it. Screenwriter Ben Ripley was supposed to come back for the second movie, but director Duncan Jones had already moved on to Warcraft in 2016. He would go back to Moon with Mute in 2018.

What Happened to the ‘Source Code’ Sequel?

This meant that Anna Foerster, who directed Outlander, could also direct Source Code’s follow up. At that time, Mark Gordon knew that Anna Foerster was the right person for him. The movies 10,000 B.C. and The Day After Tomorrow, which starred Jake Gyllenhaal, were the second movies she worked on. But the movie never came together.

Not only that, but she had also directed a few episodes of Criminal Minds and Army Wives for it. For sci-fi, she was a good fit because she had worked on the effects for Independence Day and Pitch Black.

Nothing new was known about the project as of late 2014. Not even the news that there wouldn’t be a second movie. Source Code 2 is probably still not being worked on. Since the main character and love interest aren’t really dead, who from the Source Code cast would have come back for the second movie?

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