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The Inbetweeners is a British teen sitcom about coming-of-age that debuted on E4 in 2008 and was written and produced by Damon Beesley and Iain Morris.

At the fictitious Rudge Park Comprehensive, the show chronicles the misadventures of suburban teenager William McKenzie and his pals Simon Cooper, Neil Sutherland, and Jay Cartwright. The show explores school life, male bonding, camaraderie, lad culture, adolescent sexuality, and callous school personnel.

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Plot of Inbetweeners

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Will McKenzie, Simon Cooper, Jay Cartwright, and Neil Sutherland, four teenage friends, wrap up their A-levels and get ready to move out of Rudge Park Comprehensive. The males choose to take a “lads holiday” to Malia, Crete, as a way to celebrate. Upon their arrival, the boys discover that their lodging is a dilapidated hostel. Later, they go out to explore the country’s nightlife.

The boys are duped by a representative into going to an abandoned tavern in the town center, where they meet Alison, Lucy, Lisa, and Jane, four vacationing girls. Alison is already seeing a Greek waiter in the area named Nicos, so their first encounter and chats don’t go well.

Nevertheless, the girls make plans to meet the males again the next day at the girl’s hotel. Across the street, Simon sees Carli, his ex-girlfriend, but first, he meets James, a haughty and conceited club representative who seems to be her new love interest.

where to watch inbetweeners

Before she leaves for England later in the week, Carli tells Simon that she is going to an all-day boat party, and Simon says he will meet her there. The males visit the girls at their hotel the following day, but they are expelled after multiple incidents involving Jay and Will.

Due to Simon’s infatuation with Carli, Jay and Simon argue and end up fighting for a short while on the street. In a desperate attempt to make amends with Carli and get a ticket for the boat party, Simon gullibly “sells” all of his things to James without expecting any money in return.

It comes to light that Jay had purchased four tickets for the boat party, but had shredded Simon’s after the altercation. After trying to make friends with James and his buddies at a club, Jay and Neil are verbally abused by James, who then makes them leave. Afterward, the four boys get together and make amends.

As the girls show up, Neil vanishes with an older woman, and Will and Alison, Simon and Lucy, and Jay and Jane all become closer to one another. At the nearby beach, the girls propose that they all go skinny dipping. When two men make fun of Jane’s weight, Jay feels ashamed, and an irate Jane walks away from him.

where to watch inbetweeners

Alison takes off Will’s glasses while they undress. Will finds her boyfriend Nicos having sex with another woman while searching for them, and Alison flees inconsolable. Lucy and Simon are about to kiss in the sea when Simon notices Carli on the sand and turns away, which infuriates Lucy.

The lads decide to go out and get wasted by going to several bars and clubs after the girls have left. When the group reunites with the girls at the beach on the day of the boat party, Alison makes amends with Will and offers him Nicos’ ticket so he can go on the boat with her. In another scene, Simon apologizes to Lucy and she gives him the ticket to her boat party so he can be with Carli.

Simon is on board when he sees Carli and James argue. After Carli gives Simon a passionate kiss, he realizes that she is only using him to irritate James and ultimately lets go of her after realizing who she really is. Neil and Lisa also begin dating when Will and Alison confess their affection for one another, Jay apologizes to Jane, and both of them do so.

Where To Watch Inbetweeners

where to watch inbetweeners

The famous comedy show Inbetweeners is currently available for download and stream on several platforms such as Pluto TV, Prime Video, Tubi TV, and Amazon Freevee.

Inbetweeners Cast

where to watch inbetweeners

Simon Bird as Will McKenzie

• James Buckley as Jay Cartwright

• Blake Harrison as Neil Sutherland

• Joe Thomas as Simon Cooper

• Emily Head as Carli D’Amato

• Laura Haddock as Alison

• Tamla Kari as Lucy

Jessica Knappett as Lisa

• Lydia Rose Bewley as Jane

• Theo James as James

• Theo Barklem-Biggs as Richard

• Anthony Head as Mr McKenzie

• Belinda Stewart-Wilson as Polly McKenzie

• Martin Trenaman as Alan Cooper

• Robin Weaver as Pamela Cooper

• David Schaal as Terry Cartwright

• Victoria Willing as Mrs Cartwright

• Alex Macqueen as Kevin Sutherland

• Greg Davies as Mr Gilbert

• Henry Lloyd-Hughes as Mark Donovan

• Lauren O’Rourke as Nicole

• David Avery as Nicos

• Cush Jumbo as Jaime

• Storme Toolis as Wheelchair Girl

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