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Rampage is a 2018 famous American sic-fiction movie directed by Brad Peyton. The movie is based on the video game series which also features the same name by Midway Games.

This article gives fans of the movies all the information needed as to where to watch the movie. It also features cast, plot, and more. For more movie updates follow bigflix.com.

Rampage Plot

where To Watch Rampage

Energyne’s Athena-1 space station is destroyed after a lab rat mutates and causes chaos. Athena-1 is owned by Energyne, a gene-manipulation business. When the space station explodes, Kerry Atkins, the sole survivor of the crew, escapes in the escape pod with the pathogen canisters that Energyne CEO Claire Wyden instructed her to retrieve, but the pod disintegrates upon re-entry, killing her and leaving a trail of debris across the country.

An American crocodile in the Everglades ingests one of the canisters, and a wolf exposed to the disease after it landed in a Wyoming woodland from another canister. At the San Diego Wildlife Sanctuary, primatologist Davis Okoye, a former Special Forces soldier and member of an anti-poaching team, works.

George, a rare albino western lowland gorilla, is his companion, and he uses sign language to communicate with him. George was saved from poachers after they killed his mother. George comes into contact with the infection when one of the canisters crashes into his habitat.

where To Watch Rampage

Davis is called by genetic engineer Dr. Kate Caldwell, who says that the disease was created by Energyne to massively rewrite DNA, as George becomes noticeably bigger and more violent. When she learned about Energyne’s plans to utilize CRISPR as a biological weapon, she had intended to push research on the potential medical benefits of the technology.

As a result, she was wrongly imprisoned, and her terminally sick brother passed away. George breaks free from his captors and goes on the rampage at the wildlife refuge. George calms down, but a government squad lead by Agent Harvey Russell quickly apprehends him and forces him onto a Boeing C-17 Globemaster III aircraft.

While everything is going on, Claire and her brother Brett are in charge of a mercenary team’s failed attempt to kill Ralph, the mutant wolf. Unconcerned about the enormous risk to civilian lives posed, Claire sets a large transmitter atop the Willis Tower to entice the animals to Chicago in an effort to capture Ralph and use George to further her plan of concealment.

where To Watch Rampage

Davis, Kate, and Russell jump to safety as George crashes the plane after angrily responding to the sound. Russell helps Davis and Kate steal a military chopper as they are being pursued by Davis and Kate. George survives the crash and travels to Chicago with Ralph and Davis.

As the military tries to confine George and Ralph when they arrive, they are seen running amok throughout the city. When Lizzie, a mutated crocodile, joins the pair, the situation worsens and more people are killed. Davis and Kate sneak into Energyne’s base of operations at the tower with the intention of stealing an antidote that would restore the animals to normal.

However, the Wydens catch them as Claire reveals that the antidote only reduces the animals’ increased aggressiveness rather than reversing the other effects. Davis is shot, but he survives. Claire gives Davis the order to divert attention as George ascends the tower so she can flee with Kate while being held at gunpoint.

where To Watch Rampage

Claire is pushed toward George by Kate as she smears a vial inside her bag. George then ingests the terrorist and the bottle, returning to his normal self. Russell steals Brett’s evidence while Brett is being crushed to death by falling debris down below.

Davis and Kate manage to survive as the damaged skyscraper collapses by crashing-landing a chopper on the Federal Plaza. Russell and Kate rush to stop the military from using a MOAB against them while Davis stays behind to assist George in defeating the other creatures.

Ralph fights George, who Davis baits into moving closer to Lizzie, who then uses her jaws to decapitate him. Davis is being pursued by Lizzie, but George steps in just in time for Davis to use grenades to take her out. George, who is impaled by a rebar, is however still alive and is defeated by Lizzie.

Davis uses a downed Apache assault chopper to divert Lizzie, but is almost killed before George uses the same rebar to murder Lizzie by puncturing her eye.

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Where To Watch Rampage

where To Watch Rampage

It is possible to watch or buy Rampage on Apple TV, Amazon Video, Google Play Movies, YouTube Vudu, Microsoft Store, DIRECTV, AMC on Demand, and Redbox. Warner Bros acquired the film adaptation rights to the 1986 arcade game Rampage in 2009. The deal was part of their acquisition of Midway Games for $33 million.

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Rampage Cast

where To Watch Rampage

Dwayne Johnson as Davis Okoye

• Naomie Harris as Katherine

• Malin Akeeman as Claire Wyden

• Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Harvey Russell

• Jake Lacy as Brett Wyden

• Joe Manganiello as Burke

• Marley Shelton as Kerry Atkins

• P.J. Byrne as Nelson

• Demetrius Grosse as Colonel Blake

• Jack Quaid as Connor

• Breanne Hill as Amy

• Matt Gerald as Zammit

• Will Yun Lee as Agent Park

• Urijah Faber as Garrick

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