Will There Be A Divorce Attorney Shin Season 2 What Are We To Expect? Find Out Here


After the successful first season of Divorce Attorney Shin, there has been discussion concerning the release date for Season 2 of Divorce Attorney Shin. The protagonist of the Korean drama series is a pianist who, following a personal tragedy, decided to become a lawyer and traverse the legal system.

It shows him resolving conflict in his family and using every tactic to win every case. This article contains all the information we currently know about the release date and details for Divorce Attorney Shin Season 2.

Will There Be A Divorce Attorney Shin Season 2will there be a divorce attorney shin season 2

Divorce Attorney Shin has not yet received a renewal announcement, nor has a release date for the second season been announced. Like most dramas on streaming services, it is exceedingly improbable that the Korean drama series will receive a second installment. Therefore, there is extremely little possibility that the show or the stars will return.

Divorce Attorney Shin Plotwill there be a divorce attorney shin season 2

The Korean drama revolved around a certain plot that came to an end in the climax. The series’ characters were all given satisfying endings, and all issues were fixed. Some met their happily ever after, but others suffered the consequences of their deeds.

Nevertheless, a second season of the Korean drama looks improbable unless the producers come up with a plot for a follow-up or a spin-off involving other side characters. After concentrating on piano, Shin Sung-Han Cho Seung-Woo went on to become a professor at a German university of music. Shin Sung-Han receives startling news one day.

He returns to his native South Korea and pursues his legal studies in an attempt to learn the truth. In due course, he starts practicing law and focuses on divorce. Shin Sung-Han defends his clients by confronting them with a variety of heartbreaking tales. In the process, he gets closer to the truth he has been looking for.

Divorce Attorney Shin Season Plotwill there be a divorce attorney shin season 2

Sung-han Shin before becoming a divorce lawyer in his 40s, Cho Seung-woo taught music at a renowned German institution. Before that, he was an incredible pianist. His career took a sharp turn after his sister passed away. She had recently divorced and had lost custody of her child.

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Divorce Attorney Shin Castwill there be a divorce attorney shin season 2

Cho Seung-woo as Shin Sung-han

A professor at a music college in Germany, but one day he receives shocking news and becomes a lawyer specializing in divorce litigation.

• Han Hye-jin as Lee Seo-jin

A former weathercaster who is currently working as a radio DJ.

• Kim Sung-Kyun as Jang Hyeong-geun

Sung-han’s middle school friend and an office manager in Sung-han’s lawyer’s office.

• Jung Moon-sung as Jo Jeong-sik

CEO of Jo Jeong-sik Real Estate, who is Sung-han and Hyeong-geun’s middle school friend.

• Kang Mal-geum as Kim So-yeon

• Cha Hwa-yeon as Ma Geum-hee

• Jeon Bae-soo as Paerk Yu-seok

• HanEun-seon as Choi Jun

• Yoo Joo-hye as Bang Ho-yong

• Lee Ho-jae as Seo Chamg-jin

Where To Watch Divorce Attorney Shinwill there be a divorce attorney shin season 2

With a Netflix subscription, viewers from all around the world can watch Divorce Attorney Shin Season 1 Episodes 11 and 12 at the aforementioned hours and dates. In South Korea, fans can watch the episode on JTBC every Saturday and Sunday at 22:30 (KST), in addition to its broadcast on Netflix.

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Divorce Attorney Shin Trailer

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