General Hospital Star Johnny Wactor Fatally Shot While Protecting Coworker in LA!

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General Hospital Star Johnny Wactor Fatally Shot While Protecting Coworker in LA

Johnny Wactor, known for his role as Brando Corbin on the popular soap “General Hospital,” was tragically shot and killed in Los Angeles. The 37-year-old actor died in a car theft incident, sacrificing his life to protect a female colleague.

Early Saturday morning, Johnny and his coworker were leaving his second job at a bar around 3:25 am when they encountered three men near his vehicle. Initially believing they were towing his car, Johnny approached them to inquire. However, it quickly became clear that the men were attempting to steal his catalytic converter.

When Johnny confronted the men, one of them drew a gun. Acting selflessly, Johnny shielded his colleague with his body. Tragically, the gunman shot Johnny in the chest, and the masked thieves fled the scene in another vehicle. Paramedics arrived quickly, but Johnny was pronounced dead at the hospital. The suspects remain at large.

Johnny’s younger brother, Grant, spoke about Johnny’s final act of bravery, emphasizing their Southern upbringing and the value they placed on protecting others. “We’re Southern, born and raised, and we would never let a female walk to their car by herself,” Grant told the Daily Mail.

General Hospital Star Johnny Wactor Fatally Shot While Protecting Coworker in LA

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He described how Johnny thought his truck was being towed and approached the men to clarify, only to realize the true nature of the situation and act to protect his coworker.

Grant remembered his brother as “the hardest working person I’ve ever met” and noted the significant impact Johnny had on everyone he encountered. Johnny’s mother, Scarlett, expressed her grief and hopes that the suspects will be quickly identified.

In a heartfelt tribute to TMZ, she described Johnny as a “loving young man” whose death has left a “huge hole in the family’s heart.” Johnny is survived by his mother and his younger brothers, Lance and Grant.

Johnny’s acting career began with a breakthrough role on Lifetime’s “Army Wives” in 2007. He subsequently appeared in popular shows such as “NCIS,” “Westworld,” “The OA,” and “Criminal Minds.”

His most prominent role was as Brando Corbin on “General Hospital,” where he played from 2020 until his character was written off in 2022. On the show, Brando was married to Sasha Corbin, a character struggling with drug addiction.

The tragic loss of Johnny Wactor has shocked and saddened his fans, colleagues, and loved ones. His bravery in his final moments is a testament to his character, and he will be remembered not only for his talent and hard work but also for his selfless act of protecting another.

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