Kingdom 4 Movie: Everything We Know So Far

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Kingdom 4 Movie

Kingdom 4 Movie: The war drums thunder once more as Shin and Eisei march toward unification in the highly anticipated Kingdom 4 movie, “Daishogun no Kikan” (Return of the Great General). With the dust settling on “Kingdom: Unmei no Honō” (Flames of Destiny), fans across the globe eagerly await the next chapter in this epic historical saga. Brace yourselves, warriors, for this article delves into every crucial detail of Kingdom 4, from its fiery release date to the thrilling clash with a new enemy.

Kingdom, based on the acclaimed manga by Yasuhisa Hara, takes viewers on a sweeping journey through China’s Warring States Period. We witness the rise of Shin, a slave boy with dreams of becoming a Great General, and his unwavering loyalty to the young King Eisei of Qin. Kingdom 4 continues this tale of ambition, strategy, and unwavering brotherhood as they strive to unite the fractured land under one banner.

Release Date of Kingdom 4 Movie

Kingdom 4 Movie

Get ready to witness history unfold as Kingdom 4 graces the silver screen on July 12, 2024. Mark your calendars, strategize your movie night snacks, and prepare to be swept away by the cinematic storm that is Kingdom 4.

The official trailer for Kingdom 4 offers a tantalizing glimpse into the movie’s epic scope. Witness breathtaking battle sequences, the return of Ouki in all his glory, and Shin’s unwavering determination to rise through the ranks. The trailer expertly captures the film’s emotional core, leaving you desperate to witness the full story unfold.

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Cast of Kingdom 4 Movie

Kingdom 4 Movie

The core cast returns with phenomenal performances, led by the ever-charismatic Kento Yamazaki as Shin and the stoic Ryo Yoshizawa as Eisei. Familiar faces like Takahiro Hira (Mouten), Shin Suzuki (Kyoukai), and Masami Nagasawa (Yotanari) bring back the vibrant energy of the Hishin Unit.

However, Kingdom 4 welcomes a legendary figure back onto the battlefield – the one-eyed titan, General Ouki. Played by the veteran actor Takao Osawa, Ouki’s return promises to ignite the screen with his strategic brilliance and unwavering leadership.

Plot of Kingdom 4 Movie

Kingdom 4 Movie

While Eisei continues his pursuit of unification, a new threat emerges from the north – the formidable Cho army. This fierce enemy throws Qin into turmoil, and Eisei entrusts the legendary Ouki with the mantle of commander-in-chief. Shin, eager to prove himself, finds himself fighting alongside Ouki in the crucial Battle of Mayang.

Kingdom 4 promises to be a masterclass in warfare, showcasing intense battle sequences that will leave you on the edge of your seat. Expect innovative strategies, heart-pounding moments of courage, and the unwavering spirit of the Hishin Unit as they face their toughest challenge yet.

Kingdom 3 Movie Recap

Kingdom: Unmei no Honō (Flames of Destiny) concluded with a bang, setting the stage for the epic events of Kingdom 4. We witnessed Eisei’s resolve to overcome internal corruption and the Hishin Unit’s triumphant assault on the Zhao fortress of Gyoukan. However, the victory came at a cost, with the legendary Kyou Kai leaving the unit and the shadow of a new enemy looming on the horizon.

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Where to Watch Kingdom 4 Movie?Kingdom 4 Movie

While the theatrical release is the ultimate experience for Kingdom fans, those unable to make it to the cinema can rejoice! Kingdom 4 will eventually be available on streaming platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, allowing you to relive the battle for Qin from the comfort of your own home.


Kingdom 4 is more than just a movie; it’s a visceral experience that transports you to the heart of ancient China’s battlefield. Witness the evolution of Shin from a boy to a leader, the unwavering bond of the Hishin Unit, and the strategic brilliance of Ouki. Come July 12, 2024, raise your flag and join the charge as Kingdom 4 returns to ignite the flames of war and forge a legacy that will echo through the ages.

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