Legend of Hanuman Season 4 Episode 5: Everything We Know So Far!

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Legend of Hanuman Season 4 Episode 5

“The Legend of Hanuman” is a captivating animated series that delves into the timeless tales of the Indian epic Ramayana, focusing on the adventures of the revered deity, Hanuman. With its profound themes of faith, courage, heroism, and devotion, the show has garnered a devoted following since its premiere.

The series made its debut on January 29, 2021, with its first season, followed by a second season on August 6, 2021. The fourth season, which premiered on June 5, 2024, released its fourth episode, titled “The Price of War” on June 20, 2024. This episode left fans eager for more. So keep reading to find out the latest updates on the series.

Legend of Hanuman Season 4 Episode 5 Release Date

Legend of Hanuman Season 4 Episode 5

As of now, there hasn’t been any official announcement regarding the release date of Season 4 of Legend of Hanuman. However, fans can expect Episode 4 to drop anytime between 26 June to 30 June or maybe on 27 June, considering the show’s weekly release schedule.

Season 4 of The Legend of Hanuman premiered on June 5, 2024, on Disney Plus Hotstar, and the latest episode was released on June 20.

Based on this pattern, it’s reasonable to anticipate that Episode 5 might be released on 27 June given its weekly release schedule.

So, enthusiasts of the series should keep an eye out for updates and stay tuned for the next thrilling installment.

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Legend of Hanuman Season 4 Episode Release Schedule

Legend of Hanuman Season 4 Episode 5

Fans of The Legend of Hanuman Season 4 are curious about the episode count and release dates for the series.

This season delves into the journey of Hanuman, depicting his transformation from a forest dweller to a formidable warrior and devout follower of Lord Rama.

Directed by Jeevan J. Kang and Navin John, the series promises an engaging narrative. As for Season 4, it comprises a total of 7 episodes. Here’s the current release schedule:

Episode Number Episode Name Release Date
1 Shadows of the Past June 5, 2024
2 The Unlikely Heroes June 5, 2024
3 The Wrath of the Giant June 13, 2024
4 The Price of War June 20, 2024
5 To Be Announced (TBA) TBA
6 To Be Announced (TBA) TBA
7 To Be Announced (TBA) TBA

As of now, the release dates for Episode 5 and beyond are yet to be announced. Fans can stay tuned for updates on when to expect the next episodes of this captivating series.

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Where to Watch Legend of Hanuman?

Legend of Hanuman Season 4 Episode 5

For fans eager to catch up on the latest adventures of Hanuman, “The Legend of Hanuman” is available exclusively on Disney+ Hotstar. Subscribers can dive into the series and relish the captivating storytelling and stunning animation.

While Episode 5 may not be released as of now, the journey promises to be worth the wait. For those without a subscription, patience is key as they await the opportunity to embark on Hanuman’s epic journey.

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