Spy x Family Season 3 Release Date: Everything You Need to Know


Spy x Family Season 3 Release Date is expected to be near October 2024. Read the full article to know more.

Spy x Family is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Tatsuya Endo. The story follows a spy who has to “build a family” to execute a mission, not realizing that the girl he adopts as his daughter is a telepath, and the woman he agrees to be in a marriage with is a skilled assassin. The series has been serialized biweekly on Shueisha’s Shōnen Jump+ application and website since March 2019, with the chapters collected in eleven tankōbon volumes as of April 2023. It was licensed in North America by Viz Media.

An anime television series adaptation produced by Wit Studio and CloverWorks premiered on TV Tokyo and its affiliate stations in April 2022 and was licensed by Muse Communication in Asia and Crunchyroll worldwide. The second half aired from October to December 2022. A second season is set to premiere in October 2023 and an anime film, titled Spy × Family Code: White, will be released in December 2023. By September 2023, Spy x Family had over 31 million copies in circulation, making it one of the best-selling manga series. The series has been praised for its storytelling, comedy, and artwork.

When is Spy x Family Season 3 Release Date Official Announcement?

Spy x Family Season 3 Release Date

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At the time of writing, there is no official release date announcement for Spy x Family Season 3. However, given the popularity of the series and the fact that a second season is already in production, it is likely that a third season will be announced soon.

What can be the speculation on the Release Date?

Based on the release schedule of the previous seasons, it is possible that Spy x Family Season 3 could be released in October 2024. This would be one year after the release of Season 2. However, it is also possible that the season could be released earlier or later, depending on several factors, such as production delays or the decision to produce a split course season.

What to Expect from Spy x Family Season 3 Plot?

The plot of Spy x Family Season 3 is difficult to predict at this time, as the manga series has yet to reach a point where a third season could adapt. However, based on the events of the first two seasons, it is likely that the third season will continue to follow the Forger family as they navigate their unique lives while trying to keep their secrets from each other.

What is the cast?

The season 2 of the anime series will be

Are there any New Characters?

It is also likely that the third season will introduce new characters, both allies and enemies. One possible new character is Bond Forger, Anya’s pet dog and a secret agent who is working with Loid. Another possibility is Damian Desmond, Anya’s rival at Eden Academy.

Spy x Family Season 3 Release Date

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What is the Animation and Music for the season?

The animation and music quality of Spy x Family is expected to remain high in the third season. Wit Studio and CloverWorks are two of the most respected anime studios in the industry, and they have consistently delivered high-quality work on Spy x Family.

Where can we stream Spy x Family Season 3?

The season may be available to stream on platforms, such as Netflix or Amazon Prime Video. However, this has not yet been confirmed.


Spy x Family is a popular anime series with a large and dedicated fan base. A third season is likely to be announced soon, and fans can expect to see more of the Forger family’s adventures in the future.

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