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best hot movies on disney+ hotstar

It’s that time of the year again when what to watch comes up. Fortunately, Disney+ Hotstar’s vast library of movies and web series allows it to cater to the tastes of every single one of its fans. It also contains a few really audacious passages.

New movies and television series are often added to the site as it grows. We have selected a few of the boldest best hot films available on Disney Hotstar for you to watch this weekend.

1. Ad Astra (2019)best hot movies on disney+ hotstar

Brad Pitt’s performance in the science fiction movie Ad Astra was superb. Pitt portrays a well-known astronaut who is also the offspring of a pioneering space traveler who went missing when beyond the solar system. After appearing to communicate with Earth, Pitt departs for space in an attempt to locate his father.

2. Ready Or Not (2019)best hot movies on disney+ hotstar

On her wedding night, Samara Weaving portrays a young lady who is compelled to play a deadly game of hide-and-seek with her new family. A lot of blood and dread are present in the film, but it also has a lot of humorous moments strewn throughout.

3. S*x And The City (1998)best hot movies on disney+ hotstar

Four bright and vibrant women living in New York City Carrie, Miranda, Samantha, and Charlotte stick together through thick and thin despite their differences and constantly changing romantic lives.

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4. Damien Omen II (1978)best hot movies on disney+ hotstar

This is a sequel to The Omen that depicts the Devil’s child’s growth. It is even more terrible because he is completely aware of his circumstances at this very moment. Similar to the first film, he is always being pursued by Death, and there are more terrifying moments throughout.

5. Tell Me You Love Me (2007)best hot movies on disney+ hotstar

Marital therapist Dr. May Foster counsels patients who struggle with intimacy and commitment. David, a loving parent and husband who finds it difficult to establish a s*xual relationship with his partner at forty, is among many in need of support.

6. My Cousin Rachel (2017)best hot movies on disney+ hotstar

My Cousin Rachel by Daphne Du Maurier is the book on which this movie is based. Like Rebecca, Rachel is an elusive seductress with an alluring charm.

In this dark comedy, a man goes after his cousin’s killer in an attempt to get revenge, only to find himself at the whim of a deadly femme fatale.

7. Reservation Dogs (2021)best hot movies on disney+ hotstar

This is about a group of friends who are Native Americans in their teens who live on a reservation in Oklahoma and they want to migrate to California. It contains just the proper number of touching, humorous, and heartbreaking moments.

8. Borat (2006)best hot movies on disney+ hotstar

Borat goes to America to make a mockumentary that doubles as a history lesson for the country. The movie is one of the most audacious films available on Disney Hotstar.

9. Angels In America (2003)best hot movies on disney+ hotstar

A gay boyfriend learns he has AIDS and he and Louis part ways. Hannah, a Mormon, is having trouble accepting her son’s s*xual orientation in the interim.

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10. Only Murders In The Building (2021)best hot movies on disney+ hotstar

It is a story about three fans of true crime who get close after becoming embroiled in a mystery. Fans of humor and crime were treated to a treat with the first season of the show.

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