Amazon’s Hit Series ‘Cross’ Secures Early Renewal for Season 2, Welcomes Star-Studded Cast!

Parag Nanda

Amazon's Hit Series 'Cross' Secures Early Renewal for Season 2, Welcomes Star-Studded Cast

Excitement is building as Prime Video gears up for the series premiere of “Cross” and even lays the groundwork for a second season of the gripping drama as per Variety. Drawing inspiration from James Patterson’s best-selling Alex Cross book series, the show boasts an ensemble cast featuring Aldis Hodge in the lead role, alongside Wes Chatham, Matthew Lillard, and Jeanine Mason, among others.

Created and helmed by Ben Watkins, known for his work on “Hand of God,” the series promises a dark and twisted narrative, delving into the mind of Alex Cross, a detective, and forensic psychologist adept at unraveling the psyche of both killers and victims to bring justice to light.

In this highly anticipated second season, Jeanine Mason steps into the shoes of Rebecca, a character described as brilliant, ambitious, and driven by vengeance, adding depth to the ensemble. Meanwhile, Matthew Lillard takes on the role of Lance, a cutthroat and self-made business mogul, injecting the series with intrigue and suspense. Wes Chatham rounds out the trio, portraying Donnie, a complex character with a military background, conservative political leanings, and a surprisingly tender side.

Amazon's Hit Series 'Cross' Secures Early Renewal for Season 2, Welcomes Star-Studded Cast

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Season 1 of “Cross” boasts a stellar cast including Ryan Eggold, Isaiah Mustafa, Alona Tal, Johnny Ray Gill, Eloise Mumford, and Siobhan Murphy, promising an electrifying blend of talent and storytelling. Notably, this series marks a reunion between Ben Watkins and Wes Chatham, who previously collaborated on “Hand of God.” Chatham, known for his roles in “The Expanse” and “Ahsoka,” brings a wealth of experience and depth to his portrayal of Donnie.

For Jeanine Mason, “Cross” represents a continuation of her relationship with Prime Video, following her recurring role in the comedy “Upload.” With a background in dance and a successful stint on “So You Think You Can Dance,” Mason’s transition into acting has been seamless, with notable roles in “Roswell, New Mexico” and “Grey’s Anatomy.” Her portrayal of Rebecca is sure to captivate audiences and elevate the series to new heights.

Meanwhile, Matthew Lillard, recognized for his iconic roles in the “Scooby-Doo” and “Scream” franchises, brings his signature charm and intensity to the character of Lance. Fresh off his stint on “Good Girls,” Lillard’s versatility as an actor is on full display, promising an unforgettable performance in “Cross.”

As anticipation mounts for the premiere of “Cross,” Prime Video remains tight-lipped about specific details, leaving fans eagerly awaiting further updates. With a talented ensemble cast, a gripping storyline, and the creative vision of Ben Watkins at the helm, “Cross” is poised to become a standout addition to Prime Video’s lineup, offering viewers a thrilling journey into the depths of the human psyche.

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