Britain’s Got Talent Fans Shocked as Simon Cowell Vanishes Mid-Episode!

Parag Nanda

Britain's Got Talent Fans Shocked as Simon Cowell Vanishes Mid-Episode!

Fans of Britain’s Got Talent were left puzzled when Saturday night’s episode abruptly ended, with Simon Cowell mysteriously disappearing before the credits rolled.

The penultimate audition episode on May 25 featured a surprising twist during the final act, Magicians Assemble, a group of past contestants including Ben Hart, Colin Cloud, and Elizabeth The Haunting.

Unlike other acts, the trio wasn’t introduced on stage, nor did they receive feedback from the judges—Simon Cowell, Amanda Holden, Alesha Dixon, and Bruno Tonioli.

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Instead, the magicians invited Simon to join them on stage, where they blindfolded him and then made him disappear, leaving only confetti in his place. The entire venue was then plunged into darkness, leaving the remaining judges and the audience bewildered.

Amanda Holden voiced her confusion, asking, “Where is Simon?” The show then cut to the credits, with Simon’s voice eerily echoing the same question in a teaser for Sunday’s episode, promising an explanation for his vanishing act.

Viewers took to social media to express their confusion and intrigue. According to Wales Online one person wrote on X (formerly known as Twitter), “Wait, what… It’s just ended!! Where’s Simon, did the magicians get through? WTF,” while another joked, “No but where has Simon gone? Can I be the next judge?”

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Earlier in the episode, husband and wife rollerskating duo Stardust thrilled the judges with their performance, earning Simon’s second golden buzzer of the series.

The dramatic cliffhanger and Simon’s unexpected disappearance left fans eagerly anticipating the next episode for answers.

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