CBS News Welcomes Back Dan Rather: Special Feature on CBS Sunday Morning!

Parag Nanda

CBS News Welcomes Back Dan Rather: Special Feature on CBS Sunday Morning

Dan Rather, the esteemed former anchor of CBS Evening News, is making a long-awaited return to CBS News after nearly two decades. The iconic journalist, who left the network in 2006, got featured in an interview on CBS Sunday Morning, marking his first appearance on a CBS program since his departure.

In the segment, correspondent Lee Cowan sat down with Rather to delve into his illustrious career at CBS and his enduring commitment to journalism. This milestone interview offers viewers a rare glimpse into the life and experiences of one of the most recognizable figures in broadcast news.

Rather’s return to CBS comes amidst lingering controversy surrounding his departure from the network. In 2004, he found himself embroiled in a scandal over a report on then-President George W. Bush’s military record, aired on 60 Minutes II. Following the fallout from the report, Rather parted ways with CBS under contentious circumstances and later sued the network for breach of contract.

The incident was later dramatized in the 2015 film “Truth,” with Robert Redford portraying Rather. However, CBS distanced itself from the film, refusing to accept advertising for what they deemed a misrepresentation of the events.

CBS News Welcomes Back Dan Rather: Special Feature on CBS Sunday Morning

Reflecting on his tumultuous exit from CBS, Rather acknowledged his flaws and vulnerabilities in a candid interview with The Hollywood Reporter. Despite the challenges he faced, Rather maintained his resilience, describing himself as a fighter determined to overcome adversity.

Now, at the age of 92, Rather revisited his legacy with CBS Sunday Morning, offering insights into his storied career and the events that shaped his journey. For viewers, this interview presents an opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of Rather’s impact on journalism and his enduring commitment to the truth.

Hosted by Jane Pauley, CBS Sunday Morning promises to deliver a diverse lineup of segments, including a conversation with actress Kate Hudson and coverage of the Kentucky Derby. However, Rather’s return to CBS stands out as a momentous occasion, offering viewers a chance to reconnect with a broadcasting legend and reflect on his enduring influence on the industry.

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