Delicious in Dungeon Renewed for Season 2 by Studio Trigger!

Parag Nanda

Delicious in Dungeon Renewed for Season 2 by Studio Trigger

Studio Trigger’s adaptation of the 2020 manga *Delicious in Dungeon* is making a return, and its first season has been a blast to watch.

Over the past few months, *Delicious in Dungeon* has been airing on Netflix. This show, based on the manga by Ryōko Kui and brought to life by Studio Trigger (known for *Promare* and *Cyberpunk Edgerunners*), recently wrapped up its first season this past Thursday.

Fans didn’t have to worry for long about the series’ future; shortly after the finale, Trigger announced that a second season is already in the works, complete with a trailer and poster hinting at what’s to come.

This news is a relief for viewers and a testament to how good the series is. If you haven’t watched it yet, here’s the gist: a group of adventurers trapped in a massive dungeon are on a mission to rescue their friend, who’s been accidentally captured by a big, evil dragon.

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The twist? They kill and cook monsters they encounter on each floor to eat, which helps them save money and satisfies the leader Laios’ lifelong dream of culinary adventure. With the encouragement of dwarf cook Senshi, the other party members—elf wizard Marcille, half-foot (think hobbit) rogue Chilchuck, and eventual catgirl ninja Izutsumi—reluctantly join in on the monster feasts.

Delicious in Dungeon keeps things mostly light and fun but can show its darker side when the story calls for it. The show has a certain Cartoon Network vibe: episodes feel like they could easily be split into 11-minute segments, and the comedy largely comes from the characters’ quirks and interactions.

It’s incredibly charming, further enhanced by the voice work in both the Japanese and English versions. The English dub is particularly delightful, with Damian Haas as Laios and Emily Rudd as the perpetually stressed Marcille adding extra layers of humor to the already wacky premise.

The series is poised to become a major anime hit in 2024, much like Spy x Family, and it’s been a big success for Netflix. Its weekly release schedule helped build a strong community of fans, and its viral, silly moments made it irresistible to check out.

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Another plus is its limited run; season one ended at what’s essentially the halfway point of the manga, which spans 97 chapters across 14 volumes. This means it’s a show with a clear endpoint, not one that will drag on indefinitely.

If you’re looking for something that functions as comfort food TV—something that will make you laugh with character banter and occasional visual slapstick—Delicious in Dungeon is a great choice. The series’ catchy opening songs are a bonus, adding to its overall charm.

In summary, the announcement of a second season of *Delicious in Dungeon* is fantastic news for fans and newcomers alike. With its unique premise, engaging characters, and the creative touch of Studio Trigger, the series promises to continue delivering joy and excitement.

Whether you’re a seasoned anime enthusiast or just looking for something new and entertaining to watch, *Delicious in Dungeon* is a must-see.

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