Destined With You Ending Explained: A Happy Ending At Last!

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Destined With You Ending Explained: The lead actors in the fantasy romance drama from South Korea are Rowoon and Jo Bo-ah. Ha Jun and Yura are also members of the supporting cast. Nam Ki-hoon is the director and Noh Ji-sul is the writer of the JTBC series.

The plot of episode 16 has left fans curious, and they can’t wait to learn more. Our goal is to give you all the information you need to know about Destined With You. 

Destined With You Episode 16 (Finale) Recap!destined with you ending explained

When Mr. Na approaches the comatose Hong-jo, he discovers that she is just acting as though she has taken drugs. Sam-sik admitted to the scheme, and Hong-jo says that she came specifically to have Na detained. Hong-jo flees the cave after splattering mace in his eyes.

When Shin-yu and the police get to the cave, they discover the two have disappeared. Knowing where Na would take her, Shin-yu begs the police to follow him. In the meantime, Na knocks on Hong-jo and leads her to the same location where he dug a pit earlier.

He claims that they will soul marry each other when the full moon rises as he ties a scarlet ribbon between their pinky fingers. In order to remain with her in the afterlife, he feeds her poison and makes the decision to take his own life. Thank goodness, Shin-yu and the cops show up.

destined with you ending explained

After detaining Na, they take Hong-jo to the hospital. As Hong-jo heals, Shin-yu’s parents pay her a visit. Shin-yu talks about the Shaman, Eun-wol’s dream of having a girl daughter with Hong-jo when his father rejects their relationship once more. They are all taken aback by this, and Shin-yu’s father quietly acknowledges their bond.

When everything calms down, Sam-sik meets Hong-jo and talks about how, even though he knew Na was the one who killed his wife, he didn’t report Na’s vileness to the police at the time. Sam-sik warns Hong-jo that U-ram, the young child, will have to go to the orphanage if he is put in jail.

Back at work, a video of Nayeon dousing Hong-jo with wine becomes viral. All that transpired in the hotel, including the tale of Nayeon pressuring her former partner Min-ho to plant a kiss on Hong-jo, became popular. There’s a commotion at City Hall over this.

Destined With You Ending Explained!destined with you ending explained

Since he was unable to save her in high school, Hong-jo did not express gratitude to Min-ho for sharing the video. She concedes and lets it pass. When Shin-yu hands the Mayor his letter of resignation, the mayor yells at him to stay put.

When Shin-yu brings up the ongoing controversy around Nayeon, the Mayor becomes aware of the footage. Nayeon meets Hyeon-seo at the same moment and proposes marriage to him. He calls her names and says he won’t wed a bully. After discovering the popular video, Nayeon calls Min-ho, but he doesn’t answer.

When Nayeon visits Hong-jo at her home, he begins to abuse her. She is arrested by the authorities for being Na’s ally at that very moment. Jae-kyung shows up at Shin-yu’s office and requests to represent him in a significant legal matter. The following day, the media reports on the Mayor and Hyeon-seo’s transgressions, and it is presumed that Jae-kyung has come forward with the information.

destined with you ending explained

Jae-kyung talks about bribery and illegal issues. Jae-kyung is safely rescued from the chaos by Shin-yu, who provides the necessary proof. When Jae-Kyung and Hong-jo meet, the former informs her that he is heading to the Blue House since he has been contacted by numerous lawmakers following the case.

A few days later, Gong Seo-gu and Ma Eun-yeong, two of Hong-jo’s coworkers, tie the knot. In the movie, Wook chooses to leave the law practice and go to live with Shin-yu’s mother. Shin-yu’s father encourages and brings a fan truck for his wife on the set of the movie. Shin-yu chooses to represent Sam-sik in court after he runs afoul of the law in an attempt to save him.

After moving out, Jae-kyung tells Hong-jo that he is sorry he didn’t accept her confession. She claims that fate and timing work together to create love and that one will arrive soon. Both of them said goodbye.destined with you ending explained

Soon after, Shin-yu purchases the entire home and moves in with Hong-jo on the first floor. Eun-wol and Shin-yu’s parents want them to get married but say they’re not ready for marriage when they join them for breakfast.

Eun-wol announces that they will soon have a daughter, to which Shin-yu responds that Hong-jo is not a child. As Shin-yu choked on his food, his mother announced that she was pregnant and that they would be having a late baby.

destined with you ending explained

When Shin-yu and Hong-jo go to the beach, he begs her father if he can hold her hand forever while they gaze out to sea. They become engaged when he makes a marriage proposal. The pair expresses gratitude to the spell box for bringing them together and buries it where it was discovered. After a time travel, we see Hong-jo and Shin-yu strolling joyfully together in a field.

At the conclusion of the episode, it is revealed that Mujin (Shin-yu) was the one who buried the spell box in their previous existence, allowing their reincarnations to cross paths 300 years later.

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Destined With You Episode 16 Ending

destined with you ending explained

The show finally ended happily, as was expected. Mr. Na is taken into custody, Nayeon’s true identity is revealed, the Mayor and Hyeon-seo are accused of fraud, Wook discovers his calling, and Shin-yu’s parents make amends. Furthermore, Seo-gu and Eun-yeong tie the knot.

After taking their pledge, Shin-yu and Hong-jo move on to the next phase of their life. Hong-jo’s intention to go see Na by herself bothered me about the episode. She ought to have told Shin-yu and collaborated with him on the act after learning the truth.

destined with you ending explained

Sure, she had phoned the police, but why hadn’t she made sure they showed up on schedule? She shouldn’t have kept putting her life in danger by not telling Shin-yu about her proposal. To be honest, I find Hong-jo’s habit annoying. The series had all the necessary romance and resolutions aside from this.

Sadly, Jaconcludede-kyung found himself on his own. In contrast to him in his previous existence, in this one. Despite being a man employed for financial gain, he upholds moral standards.

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Where To Watch Destined With Youdestined with you ending explained

Fans can be able to stream Destined with You on Netflix. For fans who are in South Korea, they can be able to watch the show on JTBC. All episodes of the series are available on the streaming platform. For more trending news on Movies, shows, and animation follow

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