Grey’s Anatomy Season 20 Finale Delivers Shocking Surprises, Emotional Moments, and Major Shakeups!

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Grey’s Anatomy Season 20 Finale Delivers Shocking Surprises, Emotional Moments, and Major Shakeups!

Grey’s Anatomy pulled out all the stops for its Season 20 finale, delivering a series of shocking twists and turns that left fans reeling. The episode, titled “Burn It Down,” featured everything from a surprise pregnancy and an amnesiac fiancée to a near kiss and a slew of firings, all set against the dramatic backdrop of wildfires threatening Seattle.

A Critical Choice for Meredith

As the episode kicks off, Meredith arrives at Grey Sloan with high hopes that her and Amelia’s Alzheimer’s research will save Teddy’s job. Meredith argues that Catherine, despite her anger, won’t stand in the way of significant scientific progress. She’s partially right. Catherine agrees that Altman can stay, but only if Meredith hands over all their research to Koracick by the end of the day.

Catherine explains that since the Fox Foundation funded the research, they now own it. She wants someone she can trust to take over, and that’s Tom Koracick. If Meredith complies, she, Amelia, and Teddy won’t have to look for new jobs. However, the catch is that the project will no longer be theirs.

Richard Considers Retirement

After a patient operated on by Richard and Winston dies, Winston initially blames Mika and Jules for their inexperience. Richard, however, later admits that it wasn’t their fault. Reflecting on the incident, he confesses to Meredith that it might be time for him to consider retiring, saying, “It feels like I need to think about putting the scalpel down.”

A Near-Kiss Sparks Between Mika and Jules

Grey’s Anatomy Season 20 Finale Delivers Shocking Surprises, Emotional Moments, and Major Shakeups!

Emotions run high when Millin informs Yasuda that their patient didn’t survive. Overwhelmed with grief, Yasuda is comforted by Jules, who rests her forehead against Mika’s. For a moment, it seems like the two might kiss, but they’re interrupted by Blue, who has just encountered his amnesiac ex-fiancée, Molly, in the pit.

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Jo’s Unexpected Baby Bombshell

In the NICU, Levi is busy pestering Monica for a recommendation for a pediatric fellowship when Jo suddenly collapses. To everyone’s surprise, Jo discovers that she is indeed pregnant, despite thinking an earlier scare was a false alarm. She decides to keep the news from Link for now, saving the revelation for the Season 21 premiere.

Theo’s Miraculous Recovery

Firefighter Theo Ruiz, who was severely injured in Station 19’s penultimate episode, appears to be on the brink of death. Ignoring the fact that she’s been fired, Teddy steps in to help, even performing a hallway surgery to save him. Meanwhile, Bailey is barely holding it together, her worries about Ben driving her to the edge.

Lucas Gets Unwavering Support from His Fellow Interns

Grey’s Anatomy Season 20 Finale Delivers Shocking Surprises, Emotional Moments, and Major Shakeups!

Lucas Adams faces the possibility of having to repeat a year of training, with Catherine about to make the final decision. However, Simone and the other interns rally behind him, threatening to quit if Lucas is forced to repeat the year. Catherine is impressed by the database Lucas created to keep track of first responders, which earns him Bailey’s support as well.

Meredith Takes a Bold Stand with Her Research

Rather than surrender to Catherine’s demands, Meredith decides to go public with her Alzheimer’s research. Catherine, unimpressed, compares her to her mother, Ellis. “Great,” Meredith replies. “That means I’ll win.” Outside the hospital, Nick is waiting for her. He tells her he’d follow her anywhere, but he’d rather be with her. Meredith reveals she’s put an offer on a house in Chestnut Hill.

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Additional Surprises and Twists

All the residents pass their ABSITE test, with Lucas earning the highest score. While Levi does well, it’s not enough for a pediatric fellowship, leaving him to rethink his future. Helm, planning a vacation abroad, invites Levi to join her in Paris to figure things out.

Meanwhile, Owen’s key card stops working, hinting that he’s been fired along with Teddy, Meredith, and Amelia, likely due to his confrontation with Catherine. Lastly, Winston and Monica’s brief fling seems poised to turn into something more substantial.

Grey’s Anatomy’s Season 20 finale was a rollercoaster of emotions and surprises, setting up plenty of drama for the next season. Whether it’s new beginnings, personal revelations, or professional upheavals, the show continues to keep its audience on the edge of their seats.

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