Will There Be an Inspector Avinash Season 2? Here’s the Latest Update on Series!

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Inspector Avinash Season 2 Release Date

Inspector Avinash Season 2 Release Date: Neeraj Pathak is the person who wrote and directed the Inspector Avinash online series. This series is an action-packed crime thriller in Hindi, and it came out in 2023.

The TV series is inspired by the real experiences of UP super-cop Avinash Mishra. It tells the story of Mishra’s life, focusing on his determination to combat crime in the state. When the Home Minister learns of a potential contract killing targeting the Chief Minister by notorious gangster Sri Prakash Shukla, he instructs the formation of a Special Task Force (STF). Avinash Mishra is appointed to lead the STF, initiating a battle against the gangsters.

The initial season of Inspector Avinash, featuring Randeep Hooda as a police officer, premiered on Jio Cinema. Now, fans are eagerly anticipating the second season. They’re curious about details like the release date, plot, cast, and more for the upcoming season. In this article, we’ve gathered all the available information about Inspector Avinash Season 2. Read on to discover more about what’s in store for the next season of Inspector Avinash.

Will There Be an Inspector Avinash Season 2?

Inspector Avinash Season 2 Release Date

As of now, there’s no official word on when Inspector Avinash Season 2 will be released. Jio Studios hasn’t officially confirmed the renewal of the second season, but there are strong indications that it will happen, given the success of the first season.

Despite some reports suggesting a premiere in March 2024, we’re now in mid-April and there’s still no official update on the status of Season 2.

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Who Could Be in The Cast of Inspector Avanish Season 2 If It Comes Back?

In the upcoming season of the web series Inspector Avinash, a few new actors could join the existing cast. Randeep Hooda will likely be reprising his role as the titular character, Avinash Mishra. Here’s the list of anticipated cast members for Inspector Avinash Season 2:

  • Randeep Hooda as Avinash Mishra
  • Rajneesh Duggal as Ranvijay
  • Amit Sial as Sheikh
  • Urvashi Rautela as Poonam Mishra
  • Abhimanyu Singh as Devi
  • Shalin Bhanot as Inspector Baljeet Singh
  • Ajay Chaudhary as Kabir
  • Akanksha Puri as Meetu Punjaban

Recap of Season 1 of Inspector Avinash

Recap of Season 1 of Inspector Avinash

In the first season of Inspector Avinash, when a member of the Special Unit Cell arrives at the police station, he insists on holding Bhaati. Meanwhile, Avinash’s team conducts a thorough interrogation of Bhaati to gather crucial information. Surprisingly, Bhaati dies while in police custody. This incident sparked a heated conversation between Dasgupta and Avinash, with Dasgupta sternly warning Avinash about the potential shutdown of the STF.

The storyline then introduces Shashi, the younger brother of Veer Bhushan, portrayed by Ardhyan Suman. Suspecting foul play, Inspector Avinash instructs his officer “Rani” to discreetly investigate Bhaati’s murder. The plot thickens as the postmortem report reveals that Bhaati was killed by STF Office officers.

During her investigation, Rani uncovers that Constable Laxmikant gave Bhaati tea, and this revelation becomes crucial in the pursuit of the truth. Towards the end of the episode, a significant discovery is made: Amit Sial, the main antagonist, is shown communicating with Bhaati’s killer and even sending him money.

Where Can You Watch Inspector Avinash Season 2 if It Comes Back?

Season 2 of Inspector Avinash will be shown on JioCinema. If you’re a fan of the show, you can visit JioCinema to watch episodes, movie clips, and trailers, and get the latest news. Plus, the earlier episode of the series is there for fans to watch on the platform too.

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We don’t know when Inspector Avinash Season 2 will come out. JioCinema hasn’t told us if they will make more episodes or not. However, because people liked the first season, critics and viewers gave it good reviews, and it got high ratings on IMDb, Metacritic, and Rotten Tomatoes, it seems like Season 2 of Inspector Avinash will probably happen.

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