The Batman Part II Release Date – James Gunn Provides Encouraging Update on Movie’s Script!

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The Batman Part II Release Date - James Gunn Provides Encouraging Update on Movie's Script!

So, The Batman 2 is getting a bit of a delay, now aiming for a 2026 release. But fear not, the excitement hasn’t dwindled one bit. Robert Pattinson is back in the cape and cowl as Bruce Wayne, and it looks like filming could kick off sooner than we think.

In 2022, Matt Reeves, the mastermind behind The Batman, confirmed he is back on board to write and direct the sequel. And guess what? The gang’s all here! The main cast is returning, and we’ve even got an official title: The Batman Part II. It’s all shaping up to be quite the spectacle.

Sure, the wait might feel like forever, but fear not! Here’s the lowdown on everything you need to know about The Batman Part II.

When is ‘The Batman Part II’ Hitting Theaters?

The Batman Part II Release Date - James Gunn Provides Encouraging Update on Movie's Script!

The release of The Batman Part II has been pushed back a year to October 2, 2026, from its original date of October 3, 2025. Warner Bros hasn’t given a specific reason for the delay, just citing a reshuffling of their schedule.

Filming, which was initially rumored to begin in November 2023, is now scheduled to start in March 2024. This delay is partly due to the writers’ and actors’ strikes in 2023, which lasted from July to November.

Excitingly, The Batman Part II will be part of the DC Elseworlds franchise, joining the ranks of the two Joker movies, as James Gunn and Peter Safran implement their new vision for the DC Universe.

A recent update on the script for Batman 2 came from James Gunn himself, offering reassurance to concerned fans. Through his Threads account, where he often shares project updates, Gunn confirmed that the script for The Batman Part II is indeed in progress.

When asked about the script’s completion, Gunn indicated that the timeline for its readiness lies in the hands of director Matt Reeves, emphasizing that it will be ready “when Matt thinks it’s ready!”

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Returning Faces: Who’s Back for The Batman Part II?

The Batman Part II Release Date - James Gunn Provides Encouraging Update on Movie's Script!

Let’s talk about who’s suiting up (or not) for The Batman Part II.

First up, no surprises here: Robert Pattinson is back as the brooding Bruce Wayne, aka Batman. It’s pretty much a given, considering he embodies the vengeance-driven hero.

Behind the camera, Matt Reeves is returning to direct and write the sequel. However, it’s unclear if there will be any additional writers involved this time around.

As for the supporting cast, we’re crossing our fingers (and possibly our hats) for Zoe Kravitz and Jeffrey Wright to reprise their roles as Catwoman and Commissioner Gordon, respectively. Both characters still have plenty of story arcs to explore, but nothing’s official yet.

On the confirmed return list is Andy Serkis, who will once again grace the screen as Bruce’s loyal butler, Alfred. Reeves confirmed this news in a GQ profile piece on Serkis.

Colin Farrell might also make a comeback as Penguin, especially given Gotham’s worsening crime scene, with Falcone out of the picture. There’s potential for Penguin to step into the power vacuum, perhaps even in the confirmed spin-off TV show that’s currently in production.

However, some characters won’t be making a return. With Falcone (John Turturro) six feet under, Penguin’s looking like the next big player in Gotham’s underworld. As for Peter Sarsgaard’s DA Gil Coulson, his fate seems sealed, along with Turturro’s Falcone.

The biggest question mark hangs over Paul Dano’s Riddler. While his character met a grisly end, there’s always the possibility of an Arkham breakout paving the way for his return. Only time will tell if we’ll see Dano donning that green suit again.

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The Batman Part II Trailer: Is There Any Footage Yet?

The Batman Part II might have a release date, but since filming hasn’t started yet, don’t expect to see any footage until at least 2025. Sorry about that.

Mark your calendars: The Batman Part II hits cinemas on October 2, 2026.

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